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Tekken 7 Lidia Sobieska Guide Featuring K-Wiss

Tekken 7 Lidia Sobieska Guide Featuring K-Wiss

Elizbar Ramazashvili
6 min
Guide by K-Wiss

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Tekken 7 is the latest installment of the globally popular Tekken series. Its games have been around for almost thirty years, and for the majority of its lifespan, it set the golden standard for what 3D fightings should be. Nowadays, it’s one of the most regarded titles worldwide and is respected by the fans of even the most traditional 2D games.

One of the reasons for such success is the gameplay of Tekken and how many different styles it’s able to incorporate. The characters have become iconic at this point, and every new addition tries to push the envelope even further.

Lidia debuted in Season 4 of Tekken 7 and instantly became a popular pick among the professional players. Her exceptional ability to punish mistakes is coupled with decent options to exert pressure. She has already seen success on the highest stages with Book and Gen taking their respective regional crowns at Evo 2021 Online. Today we have partnered with Kobi "K-Wiss" Scarlett to provide you with the best Tekken 7 Lidia Sobieska guide. You can view the full video right below and go over any of the individual sections right here in the text guide.

K-Wiss’s Lidia Guide

LIDIA SOBIESKA Guide by [ K-Wiss ] | Tekken 7 | DashFight | All you need to know

Tap Notation

Hold Notation

Tekken Move










Down & Forward










Down & Back










Up & Back










Up & Forward





No directional inputs





Side Step (Left/Right)





Quarter-circle forward





Quarter-circle back





Half-circle forward





Half-circle back





Counter Hit





While Standing





While Running





Left Punch





Right Punch





Left Kick





Right Kick




Lidia’s Best Buttons

The Best Buttons are simple inputs that in many ways form the identity of the character. They’re likely to be your best tools for getting a grasp of any particular fighter.

Approach tools:

  • ff4 - A good poke, plus on hit and only -3 on block.

  • ff2 - Leads to Cat Foot Stance 1 mixup.

  • WR1 - Leads to guaranteed followups.

Good moves:

  • df2 - A long-range i15 poke that leads into CFS2. Punishes pushback moves like Paul’s Death Fist.

  • 3, 2 - Another long-range move that’s her primary whiff punish. Can be timed for just frames.

  • db2 - A low poke that crushes highs. Very similar to Dragunov’s d2.

  • f1+2 - A string starter is a 14 frame punish that’s also an approach tool because of the easiness of hit confirm.

  • d1 - A mid poke, plus on block. Very useful pressure tool.

  • d/f4 - A mid poke that can help track Lidia’s weak side.

  • d/b3,2 - A hellsweep that leads to favorable oki.

  • b3 - A homing high, only -3 on block.

Lidia’s Stances

Stances are fundamental to Lidia’s gameplay. She has four of them:

  • Cat Foot Stance 1 - Leads into Heaven and Earth.

  • Cat Foot Stance 2 - Leads into Pouncing Tiger, Stalking Wolf.

Entering Cat Foot Stance 2:

  • 1, 2, 2

  • d/f2

Cat Foot Stance 2 Moves:

  • 3 - Shuts down any mashing your opponent might want to do.

  • 1+2 - Beats dickjabs.

  • 4 - A sweep that leads into the guaranteed ff3.

Entering Pouncing Tiger, Stalking Wolf Stance:

  • CFS2+F

Pouncing Tiger, Stalking Wolf Moves:

  • 4 - A low that’s -12 on block and launches on counter.

  • 1 - A slow mid, but deals lots of damage.

Entering Cat Foot Stance 1:

  • ff2

Cat Foot Stance 1 Moves:

  • 2 - Shuts down mashing.

  • 4 - A mid that’s +8 on block and launches on counter.

  • 1

  • 3 - A launcher that’s -1 on block.

Entering Heaven and Earth Stance:

  • CFS1+F

Heaven and Earth Moves:

  • f1+2

  • f2,4

  • 1 - A safe mid launcher.

  • 2 - A low poke, crushes high, and launches on counter.

Lidia’s Best combos

  • u/f4, f, 2, 2, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • u/f4, f, 2, 1, dash, 1, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • 3,2, b3+4, f, 2, d/f2, 2, d/f2, 3, S!, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • 3,2, b3+4, f, 2, d/f2, 2, d/f4,3, S!, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • ws2, d/f2, 2,3, d/f2, 3, S! b3,4,qcf1+2

  • u/f,n,4, d/b+3+4, d/f2, 2, d/f2, 3, S!, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • ff3, b3,1, d/b3+4, d/f2, 3, S!, b3,4,qcf1+2

  • (rage) ff2+3, S!, d/f1+2, b2,3, qcf2,2,b,f,f1+2

  • CFS1 3 S!, d/f1+2, b2,3, qcf2,2,b,f,f1+2

  • (rage) ff2+3, S!, d/f1+2, b1+2, 1, b3,4,qcf1+2

Wall combos

  • f1+2,3,2,1

  • b3,4,qcf1+2

  • qcf2,2,b,f,f1+2

Lidia’s Gameplan and Strengths

Lidia is a good rushdown character. She excels at pressuring her opponents, putting them in unfavorable situations, and making them guess with her stances and mixups that can lead to big damage. She can make people pay dearly for even minor mistakes with her whiff punishment game, carrying them to the wall and dishing out major damage. In addition to this, she has tons of counter-hit tools and perfect punishment for every frame.

Lidia’s Weaknesses

Lidia’s biggest problem is her linearity. She can also suffer from her inability to lock people down if you start autopiloting. The main requirement when playing is her is to always remember her options and not just throwing the same moves over and over again.

Lidia’s Guide Conclusion

Lidia has become one of the most popular pro-player picks thanks to her strong punishment game, and the ability to take over when the opponent succumbs to pressure. A strong all-around character, she has formidable attacking and defensive tools at her disposal. Playing as Lidia requires a bit of getting used to, as two of her stances do not overlap with the other two, and you need to always pay attention to what you are currently doing.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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