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Tekken 7 Fahkumram Guide Featuring Banana

Tekken 7 Fahkumram Guide Featuring Banana

6 min
Guide by Banana

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Muay Thai lives on!

Banana's Fahkumram Guide

One of the several newcomers in Tekken 7, Fahkumram was one of the last ones to join the cast. A Muay Thai fighter to the bone, he's a tower of scars and muscles who fights for the sake of his family. Despite being one of the strongest characters in the game when he first came out, the wave of after wave of nerfs left him significantly weakened, yet still fun and viable.

To demonstrate you how to properly operate the character, we have the following guide from Banana, one of the great EU Tekken players and a professional coach.

FAHKUMRAM guide by [ Banana ] | Tekken 7 | DashFight

Tap Notation

Hold Notation

Tekken Move










Down & Forward










Down & Back










Up & Back










Up & Forward





No directional inputs





Side Step (Left/Right)





Quarter-circle forward





Quarter-circle back





Half-circle forward





Half-circle back





Counter Hit





While Standing





While Running





Left Punch





Right Punch





Left Kick





Right Kick




Character Overview

Fahkumram used to be a very strong character, but as of the last patch, he's much weaker. His magic 4 is no longer "magic", and almost all of his lows are now launch punishable. Some of his other powerful tools got nerfed as well. For example b1 became -15, 3+4 is now -11, and his ff1+2 uppercut is also -15.

Before talking about the best moves, it's worth mentioning that Fahkumram's backdash is very good, but his sidewalk is weak, so backdash is one of your best movement options.

Best Buttons

  • df1 - The thing about Fahkumram's df1 is that it has many extensions. For a high option you have df1,2, it can be mixed up with a mix option in df1,4. Then there's another strong mid option in df1,2~1. You can even for a sweep with df1,4~3,2, or do an elbow strike with df1,4~1.
  • 3 - Similar situation applies to Fahkumram's standing 3. It hits from extremely long range, and you can mix it up with the 3,1,4,4 or 3,4,4 strings. The 3,4,4 string will also allow you to get in more pressure as it's a whopping +6 on block. To go beyond that you can also do 3,4~3, and by holding the last button you will be able to execute a charged move.
  • bf4 - If the opponent wants to step you, you can go for this move. This attack goes against the grain when it comes to Tekken rules, as it's a launcher that is not just safe but also plus on block. It is a perfect move to combine with the WR3, a great move that is +9 but vulnerable to sidesteps. Using one attack after the other is also a solid way of pressuring your opponents.
  • df4,3 - Wall-splatting mid-high string that can be ducked. To cover up that downside, you can use the df4,3~3 extension, which is +1 on block, and on hit, guarantees a ff1+2 follow-up.
  • ff3 - Another plus frame tool. However, it is slow and requires deliberate usage.
  • f3,2,1 - Solid mid>mid>high string. You can try to go for the parry after it, and on counter hit you get a full combo. If the opponents try to duck the last hit, you can mix it up with f3,2,4.
  • b1 - Great tool for whiff punishing opponents.
  • ff1+2 - The big boy uppercut. Another good option for whiff punishment, but keep in mind that it's -15 on block.
  • df2,3 - Your i15 launcher. The second hit is a high, but as usual, you can mix it up by using df2,1.
  • f1+2 - Fahk's strong wall bounce move. Covers quite a bit of distance, and it's a safe mid, making it somewhat spammable.
  • b3 - One of your best homing moves. A -7 high with great range.
  • 3+4 - A CH tool that can catch people from a distance.
  • ff4 - Another useful homing moves, especially notable for its transitions, such as ff4~3, which is a sweep, or ff4~1, which is a mid.
  • d1 - While not an amazing move on its own, Fahkumram's down jab is interesting in that it's an elbow, meaning that it can't be low parried, but it also comes out at i12 instead of the usual i10.

Charge Moves and Parries

Once your opponent is scared to press buttons, that's when you want to use the charge moves. Fahkumram has unique charge attacks that will break the opponent's guard and will wall splat them even on block if done at the wall. You can really mix people up by doing b2,1 or b2,[1]. The normal version is fast and will catch opponents who try to interrupt, while the held version is a charge attack that will wall splat.

When it comes to parries, Fahkumram has a normal punch parry that can lead into a combo, and a kick parry, which will deal a considerable retaliation damage to the attacker. It can be tricky to use, but it can be very useful, especially against a character like Hwoarang.

Staple Combos

  • df2,3 > b1 > df1,2~1 > 3,4~4 S! > dash > df1~4,3,2
  • df2,3 > df1,2~1 > f3,2,4~4 S! > dash > df1~4,3,2
  • w! > b4,3,2
  • w! > f3,2,4,4
  • df4,3 > 3,1 > uf3+4
  • df2,3 > df1,2~1 > f3,2,4~4 S! > dash > Rage Art
  • 3,4~3+4 S! > b1 > df1,2~1 > 3,4~3,3
  • df4,3 > 1,2,1,4 (oki combo)
  • f1+2 > b1 > b4,3,2
  • f1+2 > f3,2,1 > b4,3,2

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of Fahkumram's most noticeable weaknesses are his lows, as most of them are launch punishable. He also relies a lot on the charge moves, so the matches against him tend to be heavy on reads and recognizing patterns, as you primarily have to fight the player and not the character.

When it comes to strengths, Fahkumram has one of the best backdashes in the game and a respectable pressure that can be hard to deal with.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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