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Tekken 7 at UFA 2022: New Heroes

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Tekken 7 at UFA 2022: New Heroes
EU scene shined bright at UFA 2022

This year's Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 marks a special occasion for Tekken players, as it combined TWT regional finals for Western Europe and also served as the last major tournament for Tekken in 2022, although we still have MASTERCUP finale later this year.

Even though the fight for the points is long over, UFA2022 turned out to be one of the most stacked tournaments in a long time, with representatives from across the world. Naturally, almost every single strong player in the EU scene was present as well.

Coming up to top 8, we had some cool surprises in the form of lesser known players showing off their skills. Young Feng and Marduk player, DombiliMaymun, managed to send Ulsan to the loser's bracket. Jodd, the Nina expert from France ended up just outside of Top 3, showing that both he and his character are a force to be reckoned with. Lastly we had Kalak, a fantastic Lili player who went neck to neck against Roo Kang's Bob.

Outside that, we ended up with some of the greatest Tekken players in the world tear each other up on the way to Grand Finals. Cuddle_Core comfortably secured her position by beating Jodd and Dombili. In the meantime, Ulsan had a great run through the loser's bracket, eliminating kkokkoma and Dombili, and Jodd. After coming back to the Grand Final, Ulsan showed some insane performance, winning the first set 3:0 and then winning the reset with a confident 3:1.

In the end, the top 8 is:

  • 1. ULSAN
  • 2. Cuddle_Core
  • 3. DombiliMaymun
  • 4. Jod
  • 5. Roo Kang
  • 5. kkokkoma
  • 7. Sephiblack
  • 7. Kalak

As for the TWT Regional Finals for WEU, after a Round Robin round and the final top 4, K-Wiss and JoKa will be representing EU at the finals in Amsterdam, with possibly other contenders coming through in the LCQ.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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