Evo 2021 Online Skullgirls: Schedule, Brackets, and Results

Dillon Bantel
Updated: 2 min
Evo 2021 Online Skullgirls: Schedule, Brackets, and Results
Evo 2021 Online is underway! This is the spot where you can find everything you need for every region for Skullgirls.

Evo 2021 Online is finally here! All of us at DashFight are so excited for this event and all the storylines it will create. And with such a large part of the world represented, it's hard not to be excited about it! And, since Evo is often regarded as THE tournament for fighting games, it will be great to see new talents emerge from all over the world as well as staples who try to maintain their spots.

Skullgirls is a super fast-paced fighter with fascinating mechanics and a beautiful art direction. For those that play the game regularly at a high level, you're insane, and your mix game is NEXT LEVEL! With over 500 participants signed up across regions for Skullgirls, there will undoubtedly be tons of high-level play and amazing mix to satisfy every viewer's needs. 

Since this tournament is split into regions, there is A LOT to follow and keep up with. So, we decided to make it super easy for you to know who has fought their way through pools and earned their spot in Top 8!

This article will be updated throughout Evo 2021 Online to keep you in the loop, so make sure to bookmark it and come back to check if your favorite player made it in Top 8!

Skullgirls Top 8 - Asia

Skullgirls Top 8 - North America

Skullgirls Top 8 - Europe

Skullgirls Top 8 - LATAM

We hope you are enjoying Evo 2021 as much as we are! Be sure to bookmark our site and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all things Evo and fighting games in general! Also, here is a cool graph for stats on Evo's recent past events! How do you think Evo 2021 Online will compare?