Should Devs Add Cross-platform Play to Tekken 7?

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
Should Devs Add Cross-platform Play to Tekken 7?
Successful experience of Mortal Kombat indicates the need to expand opportunities for multiplayer

After the release of Season 4, it became finally clear that the developers are not yet going to add cross-play gaming to Tekken 7. Of course, many players thanked the actual head of the entire Tekken project Katsuhiro Harada for the noticeable improvement in Tekken 7's netplay. It's more comfortable to play, but isn't it time for a real landmark update?

In a famous interview given during the release of Tekken 7 a few years ago, the director of Tekken said that there are difficulties in coordinating players from three different platforms (Playstation, PC, Xbox).

Perhaps this was the case several years ago, but now the successful experience of Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty: Warzone shows that technologies have reached a sufficient level for full-fledged cross-play gaming.

Hopefully, this option will be added to new updates for Tekken 7 and players won't have to get it already in Tekken 8.

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