Shikenso Analytics Become a New Data Provider to FATE Esports

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
Shikenso Analytics Become a New Data Provider to FATE Esports
Companies from Jordan and Germany will jointly develop esports industry

The esports organization FATE Esports, based in Jordan, has entered into an agreement with the German Shikenso Analytics. The European company has become a new data provider to FATE Esports and will help monitor FATE Esports' sponsored assets.

In particular, Shikenso Analytics will analyze the effectiveness of social networks and streaming channels. This is expected to help FATE Esports work with current and potential sponsors.

It is also expected to help unleash the potential of the Middle East esports organization FATE Esports.

Arwin Fallah, CEO of Shikenso GmbH, commented: "As one of our missions is to further professionalize the esports and gaming industry, we are excited to see that the need for our solution is not only applied top-down but even more so necessary for striving and growing organizations.

FATE previously started partnerships with HyperX and Orange. This happened in early 2020. The company also announced the creation of a dedicated esports training center in Jordan.

By competing in several different games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG Mobile, and Tekken, the organization aim to solidify its position in 2021, both in terms of competition and as a legal entity.

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