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Rewind Actively Explores Reiko in MK1

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Rewind Actively Explores Reiko in MK1
The player shares his discoveries on the character and takes him to high-level sets

Mortal Kombat esports professionals are preparing for many competitive tournaments. Finding a man is an important part of this process. May Reiko become that one character for Rewind?

Like many others in the NRS community, this pro player has been very active since the MK1 early access release — as a content creator. Rewind’s recent posts are whirling around one specific character, Reiko.

Rewind has shared some very interesting clips with this character. Some of them unfold the Kameo Fighters feature — like this sequence with Reiko/Stryker.

Top-level players naturally compete with each other — to have a good opponent and grow even further. In this clip, Rewind has a match vs TheMightyUnjust, Reiko vs Shang Tsung. Some annoying grabs are in here.

Rewind confirms the grappling power of Reiko in the following clips.

Some pretty cool tech has been discovered by Rewind. Take a look at the damage made by Reiko/Darrius.

So, what about something bigger than just small clips?

On the YouTube channel of Rewind, we can see two very interesting videos connected to MK1 Reiko.

Here is a collection of Reiko gameplay.

And sure, we love to see full sets of high levels of mastery, like this match of Rewind vs NinjaKilla.

We at DashFight will be following further activity of Rewind as an MK1 content creator — many great discoveries may be used in our own matches (and yours, for sure).

And we certainly look forward to many pro tournaments. Mortal Kombat 1 will be one of the biggest fighting esports titles for quite a while. For instance, MK1 is one of the main games in CEOtaku VII.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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