Red Bull unveils "Gold Letters" a new competition with offline finals

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Red Bull unveils "Gold Letters" a new competition with offline finals
Images courtesy of Red Bull UK
Arslan Ash and Anakin are already in, could you be one of the other participants?

Earlier today Red Bull announced a brand new competition, the Golden Letters. A new mix of formats for the Tekken 7 competitive fans.


The competition will feature an intriguing departure of the normal best of five systems that most FGC enthusiasts are accustomed to. Winning three rounds via a Perfect or Great result means an automatic win. For those unfamiliar a Perfect round is when a player wins the round without taking any damage, while a great round is when a player wins but has taken so much damage even a weak attack would take them out. This could lead to interesting sets, especially as Great rounds are likely to be far more common in the later rounds of the event, as players face ever tougher competition that goes down to the wire.

Red Bull Golden Letters Dates and Location

As noted earlier, two players will already be waiting in London for its competitors, Arslan Ash, Anakin, as well as two yet-to-be-named competitors. Joining them will be four other players from the 96 player pool at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, competing offline on Saturday, March 26th. The final top 8, four invited and four qualified, will take place on Sunday, 27th.