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New Indie Fighting Game is Announced!

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New Indie Fighting Game is Announced!
Umbral Core is a 2.5D dark fantasy fighting game

Umbral Core made an announcement via Twitter, showing a clip of the upcoming fighting game and sharing some details, like the uncapped framerate, rollback netcode, and their focus on an engaging combat system that would appeal to players of all skill levels.

The uncapped framerate might seem confusing to many fighting game players who are used to 60fps lock. As developers explained in their Twitter posts, the uncapped framerate is mainly there to ensure smooth visuals and controls, while the game logic will work similarly to other fighters.

When it comes to mechanics, we will have to wait a bit to know the specifics, but from the preview footage, it seems like the game features EX moves and something similar to maxmode canceling from King of Fighters.

Some other things that we know at this point:

  • The game will feature a dynamic soundtrack that syncs with background animations
  • There will be customization options for auto-combos, characters stance, inputs, and more
  • The game is planned to release on PC and PlayStation
  • Developers will launch a Kickstarter later this year and if it succeeds, they will close out development and release the game in 2 years
  • There is no air blocking
  • The game uses 4 button layout: L - Light, M - Medium, H - Heavy, and U - Unique

Keep in mind that as the game is still in development, everything is subject to change.

The character tab teases 6 fighters with one of them, Byron, being shown off in the announcement video.

His character page reveals four special moves you'd expect from a well-rounded character. Byron has a fireball, a DP, command dash with follow-ups, and a close-range sword slash. What makes the latter special more interesting is that Byron can use the U button to accumulate charges which will power up the special attack with extra sword slashes.

If you're interested in the game, you can follow their progress on Discord or Twitter. Also, if you are interested in the games-related job, you may try an indie game artist job on Jooble.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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