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New Hunter x Hunter Game by Eighting

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New Hunter x Hunter Game by Eighting
Eighting and Bushiroad Games Announce Hunter x Hunter Full-Scale Fighting Game

Exciting news has emerged for fans of the Hunter x Hunter franchise. Bushiroad Games, in collaboration with developer Eighting, has announced the development of a full-scale fighting game based on the popular anime and manga series. This significant announcement was made at the Bushiroad Booth during Jump Festa 2024, a major anime and manga convention held in Chiba, Japan.

While specific details about the game are currently sparse, the announcement has sparked considerable interest in the gaming community. The term "full-scale" suggests a comprehensive and robust fighting game experience, but the exact nature of the game—whether it's a 2D fighter, a 3D arena fighter, or something else entirely—is yet to be revealed. The anticipation builds as fans await more information, which is expected to be disclosed at the Bushiroad New Year Presentation on January 6, 2024.

Eighting, the developer behind this project, is renowned for its expertise in creating fighting games, particularly those based on anime franchises. Their portfolio includes notable titles like the Naruto Clash of Ninja series, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and their recent collaboration on DNF Duel alongside Arc System Works and Neople. This track record adds to the excitement, as Eighting's experience in the genre promises a game that could potentially do justice to the rich and dynamic world of Hunter x Hunter.

The choice of Hunter x Hunter for a standalone fighting game is intriguing. Characters from the series have appeared in other fighting games such as J-Stars Victory Vs and Jump Super Stars, but this will be the first game entirely focused on the Hunter x Hunter universe. Given the series' diverse and charismatic character roster, the game has the potential to offer a wide variety of fighting styles and abilities, reflective of the unique powers and personalities seen in the anime and manga.

However, with the 2011 version of the anime ending during the 13th Election Arc, it's uncertain whether the game will include characters or abilities introduced in the manga beyond this point. This leaves room for speculation about which characters and story arcs will be featured in the game.

As the gaming and anime communities await further details, the announcement of a Hunter x Hunter full-scale fighting game by Bushiroad Games and Eighting marks a thrilling development for fans of the series. The potential of this game, given Eighting's history and the rich source material, makes it a highly anticipated title for 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates, especially around the Bushiroad New Year Presentation in January, where more details about this exciting project are expected to be unveile​d.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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