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Mortal Kombat 1 Quan chi Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Mortal Kombat 1 Quan chi Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Figure out how to play Quan Chi to his max potential with these tips and combos from beginners to masters

Mortal Kombat 1 Quan Chi Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Quan Chi returns to Mortal Kombat via Kombat Pack 1. The great outworld sorcerer has a wide range of zoning options, making him a tough nut to crack for opponents. Don't be fooled though, he is unquestionably not an easy or cheap character, staying far away, in a game like Mortal Kombat 1, can be a challenge unto itself.

If you want a pro player to break down the character for you, you can check out our collaboration with J Gleez below to learn how a top player in the NRS competitive scene tackles this character.

Quan Chi guide by J Gleez | Mortal Kombat 1

However, this text guide is intended to give you a wider scope, and teach how to work up your way up with Quan Chi so you can start taking names in Kombat League.

MK1 Command Inputs

Shorthand MK Commands PlayStation Xbox Switch
Action Buttons
1 Front Punch Square X Y
2 Back Punch Triangle Y X
3 Front Kick X A B
4 Back Kick Circle B A
L1 Throw L1 LB L
L2 Switch Stance L2 LT ZL
AMP Amplify R2 RT ZR
Movement Buttons
S Standing This means no movement input is given
J. Jump up Jump up
Jf. Jump forward Jump towards the opponent
Jb. Jump backwards Jump away from the opponent
D Crouch Crouch down
F Forward Move towards the opponent
B Backwards Move away from the opponent
U Up Press Up, mostly used as part of special inputs

Quan Chi's Gameplan & Specials

Quan Chi is, at his core, a zoning character with a number of tools that play off each other and ways to condition opponents and then punish them. Perhaps it is that complexity of play that has seen Quan Chi become a middle-to-bottom character that requires some serious work to get going. If you are looking for a beginner character, perhaps other choices are better suited.

That said, his overall buttons can be good. such as his D3 and D4. You also have respectable strings in S1,2,2 and S1,3. The first is a good push on block, creating space between you and your opponents, and the other is a good launcher on hit, which you can enhance by purposely missing the first part of the attack to throw people off.


  • BF1: Standard projectile can be used in the air as well.
  • DB1: Overhead projectiles, you can adjust where they land.
  • BDF2: It locks opponents down; when amplified, you can make it so they have to jump out, at which point you can S3.
  • DB3: Buffs your projectiles, not just more damage but also converts them into mids. You can then also amplify them for even more properties, like launchers.
  • BF4: Good as a wake-up armored move at the cost of meter. Though not 100% reliable.

Quan Chi's Best Kameos

Your Kameo fighters will play a big part in your ability to deal good damage and create frame traps that punish opponents. The two core kameos that will open up the door to do that are Sektor and Sareena. But you can also play around with other characters that allow you to stack pressure on your opponents, such as Frost.

Quan Chi's Bread & Butter Combos


  • S1,3 S3, J.2,1, F4,4
  • B3,4,2, S1,3, FF, F4,4
  • S3, J.2,1, S1,3, FF, F4,4

Medium (Sektor)

  • S2,1,4, KAMEO, BF1, FF, B3,4,2, S1,3, FF, F4,4
  • S2,1,4, KAMEO, BF1, S2,1,4, KAMEO,  B3,4,2, S1,3, FF, F4,4
  • S2,1,4, KAMEO, BF1, S2,1,4, KAMEO, B3,4,2, S1,3, DB4(AMP), J.2,1, BF4

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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