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Mortal Kombat 1 Baraka Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Mortal Kombat 1 Baraka Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Figure out how to play Baraka to his max potential with these tips and combos from beginners to masters

Mortal Kombat 1 Baraka Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Baraka offers a wide range of options as an aggressive character in the MK 1 Roster; his specials offer a good amount of damage to string combos that can catch opponents by surprise. Baraka is a good choice for any player, and although it might not dominate the rankings, it certainly presents a challenge in the right hands.

If you want a pro player to break down the character for you, you can check out our collaboration with MagicTea below to learn how a top player in the NRS competitive scene tackles this character.

BARAKA guide by [ MagicTea ] | Mortal Kombat 1

However, this text guide is intended to give you a wider scope, and teach how to work up your way up with Baraka so you can start taking names in Kombat League.

MK1 Command Inputs

Shorthand MK Commands PlayStation Xbox Switch
Action Buttons
1 Front Punch Square X Y
2 Back Punch Triangle Y X
3 Front Kick X A B
4 Back Kick Circle B A
L1 Throw L1 LB L
L2 Switch Stance L2 LT ZL
AMP Amplify R2 RT ZR
Movement Buttons
S Standing This means no movement input is given
J. Jump up Jump up
Jf. Jump forward Jump towards the opponent
Jb. Jump backwards Jump away from the opponent
D Crouch Crouch down
F Forward Move towards the opponent
B Backwards Move away from the opponent
U Up Press Up, mostly used as part of special inputs

Baraka's Gameplan & Specials


  • BF1: Range projectile and can be amplified. More importantly, if it lands, it will deal Damage over time and buff chip damage.
  • DF2: Hardest hitting special, it can be amplified to get a launcher and has an overhead.
  • J.DF2: good add-on for air combos, or to mix in as a surprise.
  • BF3: advancing special, good to punish opponents and will go under high projectiles. can be used as a wake-up, and amplified for armor.
  • DB1: Good anti-air, you can choose the side the opponent is thrown and when amplified it will leave blades stuck in causing the same debuffs as BF1.


  • D4: Good range and safe on block.
  • D1: Fastest poke but unsafe.
  • B4: Good Sweep.
  • B3: Good starter, a good option to hit opponents expecting throws.
  • B1: flows into a string and can be special canceled.
  • F3: Overhead that avoids lows and is a launcher on hit.
  • F2: Good range poke.


Baraka does not have a lot of good solid strings. Many of them can simply be ducked outside of some limited mixups. His F3 is one of the few overheads he has but it is very reactable.

  • B3,1: Used in combos, as it contains a launcher. But can be punished.
  • 2,1,2: Can be canceled into specials on the second hit and is safe on block.
  • 1,2,1: slightly faster than 2,1,2 at 7F instead of 9F but very similar otherwise.
  • 4,4,4,4,4,4: Great for chip damage thanks to the multiple hits, you can spend a Kameo to make it safe. However, it's very hard to cancel into specials.
  • B1,2: Meaty, hits both regular and delayed wakeups
  • S2,1: Pressure string can cancel into DF2 on confirmed hit.

Baraka's Best Kameos

Because of Baraka's excellent offense, it makes sense to pair him with a Kameo that is capable of supporting that aggressive, pressure-heavy style. Kameos like Stryker, with his stun grenades, and Sareena, who can also extend some of his combos, are two great options to bring into a match. Cyrax and Kano are another set of Kameos worth playing around with.

Baraka's Bread & Butter Combos


  • B3,1, B3,1, 2,1, DF2
  • F3, B3,1, DASH, 2,1, DF2
  • 2,1, DF2 (AMP), B3,1, 2,1, DF2

Medium (Cyrax)

  • S2,1, DF2(AMP), B3,1, DASH, S2,1, DB1, KAMEO, FJ.1,4, DF2
  • S2,1, DF2(AMP), DASH, S2,1, DASH, 2,1, DB1, KAMEO, FJ.1,4, DF2
  • L1, KAMEO, JUMP, 1,4, DF2
  • B3,1, B3,1, F2,1, DB1, KAMEO, JUMP, 1,4, DF2
  • 2,1, DF2 (AMP), B3,1, 2,1, DF2, KAMEO, JUMP, 2,4, DF2

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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