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Mortal Kombat 1 at IKFK NA, Week 5 — New Patch

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Mortal Kombat 1 at IKFK NA, Week 5 — New Patch
Pic Source: Team Spooky on YouTube
Have Kenshi/Sub-Zero made it through the update with fewer/no losses?

A lot has happened since Week 4 of this MK1 tournament series. We witnessed a super exciting start of the Pro Kompetition 2023/2024 — at ECT 2023. This event highlighted the strongest players in the offline environment. The game itself has changed, as the NRS developers released a pretty big Mortal Kombat 1 Patch. If you play competitively, you rather need time to adapt to such substantial adjustments. 

But with that, Week 5 of Interkontinental Fight Klub (IKFK) NA Mortal Kombat Fall 2023 (what a name!) did not bring mind-blowing surprises in its results. One player seems to be quite unstoppable in online events, and not only at IKFK.

MK1 Esports | IKFK NA, Week 5

TheMightyUnjust played one team throughout the Top 8 part — probably Kenshi/Sub-Zero proved to be a good choice. In the Semi-Final, TheMightyUnjust defeated ELCucuyFGC_. The next opponent was Hourglass_of_rain, and TheMightyUnjust did not lose even a game in that Winners Final.

ELCucuyFGC_ used quite a few different characters/kameos in Top 8, and they were mainly new, not the ones the player took for Week 4. Only Reiko/Stryker was a returning pair — maybe to avoid a Johnny Cage/Kung Lao mirror match vs Shuletah. But then, the same pair returned for the next matches, bringing success in the Losers Final. But not them nor Ashrah/Sareena could help ELCucuyFGC_ in the Grand Final.

TheMightyUnjust celebrated another victory in the IKFK league, nicely cementing his position as a standing leader.

It’s interesting to note the popularity of Kung Lao as a kameo fighter. 700kp even form a full Kung Lao team — like SRyu PainFZ did at TNS MK1 #6.

Results + MK1 Characters/Kameos

1. TheMightyUnjust Kenshi/Sub-Zero
2. ELCucuyFGC_ Johnny Cage/Kung Lao
Liu Kang/Kung Lao
3. Hourglass_of_rain Mileena/Kung Lao
4. SoSickNASHFAN Johnny Cage/Sektor
Liu Kang/Stryker
5. Shuletah Johnny Cage/Kung Lao
5. 700kp Kung Lao/Kung Lao
7. Sparkz2345
7. Joystick

More MK1 action is needed to feel the full impact of this patch on the competitive scene. Thank goodness we have a lot of online tournaments to witness everything that happens in the game on the professional level. For example, Koloseum Season V is another pretty big league, and its Week 4 happens on October 29.

As for offline tournaments, we have a big fighting esports event in Puerto Rico this weekend, First Attack 2023. — sure enough, Mortal Kombat 1 is highlighted there.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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