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Known Leaker Shares More Detail About Virtua Fighter

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Known Leaker Shares More Detail About Virtua Fighter
The short version is - it's going to be a video game.

Not that long ago, Midori, a prominent SEGA/Atlus leaker who built their reputation with many posts that turned out to be accurate, has said that a new Virtua Fighter game is in development, and it's a reboot of the series.

Now they've gone on to sprinkle in some more details, though the image overall is still vague.

It seems like overall it's a pretty standard affair. New characters, new style, new designs, offline content, rollback, crossplat. Those are all the things that we would expect from a current gen fighting game title, but it's nice to hear a "confirmation" for it, even if we all should keep in mind that this info is not at all official and could end up being completely false.

What seems interesting here, is that the game seems to aim for a more in-depth implementation of streaming and spectating. This is very much inline with VF5US features, which allowed you to spectate live matches and use stamps as a very basic form of communication.

The customization mode also seems to imply that there will be a greater control of character appearance than we currently have with costumes.

There is only one concerning caveat here, and it's in regard to this post:

Virtua Fighter was always known as a sort of purist fighting game experience. Simple controls, clear mechanics, no meters, no supers, etc. It's hard to imagine that the VF fanbase would be happy about something that could disrupt this long-running tradition that became one of the defining features of Virtua Fighter.

Perhaps this could be the result of a problematic development, since according to another post, the concept changed many times since 2021. If this is indeed true, it's somewhat concerning to hear, since projects without a definitive vision tend to run into many issues later on. However, we still don't know how far along this game is. If they're still in very early stages, it is indeed very normal to try out several things until developers settle on the best direction.

For now, let's hope that the new Virtua Fighter is indeed being made, and wait for official news to see what SEGA has in store for us.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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