How Well Do You Know Tekken Families?

Elizbar Ramazashvili
1 min
How Well Do You Know Tekken Families?
Devil Gene is strong, but not as strong as the FAMILY!

You've probably seen lots of memes about the FAMILY in the last couple of weeks. I know I have. And I'm not tired of them, as they're funny and creative. But then it occurred to me – we have many familial ties and bonds in our favorite fighting games, too. One of them is particularly notable for having an incredibly strong, yet incredibly dysfunctional family – Mishimas in Tekken. But they're not the only ones. Let's test how well do you know Tekken families.

So, are you a part of the family? Or did you fail to answer? If you liked this quiz, you can find more like this by clicking on the "Quiz" tag. Catch you on the next quiz!