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Have FGC Prize Pools Become Competitive?

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Have FGC Prize Pools Become Competitive?
Fighting games have evolved from humble beginnings in arcades to global esports phenomena, attracting legions of devoted players and fans.

As the competitive scene has grown, so too have the prize pools, turning what was once a niche community into a lucrative career for top players, mainly if they compete in Street Fighter. Capcom Pro Tour has raised the bar of what prize pools look like in the FGC, with Tekken World Tour and events featuring ArcSys games like Guilty Gear following suit.

Capcom Pro Tour

The Capcom Pro Tour stands as a groundbreaking force in competitive fighting games. Launched by Capcom, the creator of the iconic Street Fighter, the CPT has played a pivotal role in elevating the competitive scene to new heights. The staggering prize pool that has grown over the years is central to its success.

The CPT operates on a circuit system, with players earning points at various tournaments yearly to qualify for the grand finale – the Capcom Cup. The prize pool for the Capcom Cup has consistently increased, with contributions from sponsorships and Capcom itself. In recent years, the prize pool has exceeded six figures, attracting elite players from around the globe, ultimately reaching over 2 million dollars this season.

The significance of the Capcom Pro Tour extends beyond the monetary rewards. It serves as a beacon for aspiring players, providing a clear path for talent to rise through the ranks. With substantial financial incentives, players are motivated to dedicate themselves to the game, and even players from other disciplines are looking to try their hand at Street Fighter.

Tekken World Tour

The iconic 3D fighting game series Tekken has carved its niche in the competitive scene with the Tekken World Tour. Organized by Bandai Namco, the Tekken World Tour follows a similar format to the Capcom Pro Tour, featuring a circuit system culminating in a grand finals event.

The prize pool for the Tekken World Tour has steadily increased, reflecting the growing popularity and competitiveness of the Tekken community, though never reaching the amount Capcom offers in its CPT. The financial stakes haven't quite become a driving force for players to travel the globe, and it's still more about competing in regional events to secure spots in the Tekken World Tour Finals and gaining prestige and recognition.

The tournament's success lies in its prize pool and the diverse representation of players from different regions. The Tekken World Tour has created a global stage for the best players to showcase their skills, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a sense of unity within the Tekken community.

ArcSys Games

Arc System Works, the developer behind beloved franchises like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, has significantly shaped the landscape of anime-style fighting games. While their events may not match the scale of the Capcom Pro Tour or Tekken World Tour, the prize pools for tournaments featuring ArcSys games have also been steadily increasing.

Titles like Guilty Gear Strive and Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising have garnered attention for their unique gameplay mechanics and vibrant aesthetics, attracting a dedicated player base. The prize pools for ArcSys tournaments may not reach the heights of their counterparts, but they contribute significantly to the overall financial ecosystem of the fighting game community.

Arc System Works events provide a platform for anime fighter enthusiasts to unite, celebrate their shared passion, and compete at a high level. The prize money, while a crucial incentive, often takes a back seat to the camaraderie and love for the games that characterize these events.

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Combo Breaker

Combo Breaker stands as a cornerstone event in the fighting game community calendar, encompassing a wide array of titles and attracting competitors from various corners of the globe. While not tied to a specific circuit like the Capcom Pro Tour or Tekken World Tour, Combo Breaker has distinguished itself through its exceptional organization by Rick "TheHadou" Thiher and its diverse game lineup.

The prize pool for Combo Breaker has also grown steadily over the years, fueled by the passionate community that supports the event. The tournament's unique appeal lies in its commitment to showcasing a broad spectrum of fighting games, from traditional 2D fighters to anime-style brawlers and retro classics.

Combo Breaker's success is a testament to the FGC's unity, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity.


Evolution Championship Series, or Evo, is the pinnacle of competitive fighting game events. Established in 1996, Evo has evolved into an annual spectacle that draws competitors and spectators from across the globe. Much like Combo Breaker, Evo is also not tied to a specific circuit but often hosts tournaments for many of them. Its significance in the fighting game community cannot be overstated.

Evo's prize pool has mirrored the exponential growth of the competitive scene, reaching impressive figures in 2023 and attracting the attention of major sponsors. What sets Evo apart is its unparalleled scale and prestige. Evo's winners secure substantial monetary rewards and etch their names in the annals of competitive gaming history.


The evolution of prize pools in fighting games is a testament to the remarkable growth of the competitive scene. Tournaments like the Capcom Pro Tour, Tekken World Tour, and events featuring ArcSys games have not only elevated the financial stakes for top players but have also contributed to the globalization and mainstream recognition of competitive fighting games.

As the community continues to expand, so will the prize pools, providing a viable career path for talented players and further solidifying the status of fighting games in the esports landscape. With their diverse game lineups and inclusive atmospheres, events like Combo Breaker and Evo play a crucial role in fostering the unity and camaraderie that define the fighting game community.

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Ultimately, the journey of competitive fighting games is a thrilling saga of skill, passion, and ever-increasing financial rewards, proving that FGC has become a heavyweight contender in esports.


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