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Halloween Fighting Game Cosplay Guide

Elizbar Ramazashvili
5 min

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Halloween Fighting Game Cosplay Guide
Get dressed as the biggest abomination imaginable!

If you're a fan of both fighting games and Halloween, it's time to combine your passions and create a unique composite character for your next cosplay adventure. In this guide, we'll explore a creative mashup of iconic elements inspired by memorable characters and settings from various fighting games. So, grab your spiky glasses, fake teeth, claw-like hand, kimono, "abdomen," cleaver, and head to the Fetus of God stage – it's time to craft a one-of-a-kind cosplay character that's sure to impress at any costume event.

Meet our Mysterious Composite Character:

Our composite character combines various elements from the world of fighting games, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and visually stunning creation. Let's break down the components that make up this intriguing character.

Spiky Glasses from Voldo (SoulCalibur 6)

Our character's look begins with Voldo's unsettling spiky glasses. These glasses give our character an air of mystery and an otherworldly vibe. You can start with a basic pair of sunglasses and modify them to have the sharp, spiky points. Craft these spikes using foam, cardboard, or even 3D printing if you have the skills. Paint them in a dark and menacing color, and you'll have a striking accessory that sets the tone for the entire cosplay.

Baraka's Fake Teeth (Mortal Kombat 1)

Our character's fearsome appearance wouldn't be complete without Baraka's sharp teeth. To create this chilling feature, you can fashion your own set of fake teeth using dental putty. Mold the fangs, paint them in a gruesome shade of red, and get ready to send shivers down spines with your menacing smile.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to bother with your facial appearance, you can always put Faust’s paper bag on your head. That works, too!

Arakune’s Long Claw-Like Hand (BlazBlue)

Adding an extra layer of the grotesque, our character's claw-like hand, inspired by Arakune, adds an eerie and unsettling quality to the ensemble. Craft the claw-like hand structure using flexible materials like foam, wire, and paint. When attached to your back or side, it will give your character an enigmatic and disturbing touch.

Hisako’s Kimono (Killer Instinct)

Killer Instinct's Hisako brings a touch of the supernatural with her traditional Japanese kimono. Our character dons a flowing kimono in ghostly whites or pale blues, setting the stage for an otherworldly yet ethereal presence. Complete the look with a wig featuring long, dark hair, pale makeup, and blood-red markings under your spiky eyeglasses, and you'll embody Hisako's haunting aura.

Q-Bee’s “Abdomen” (Darkstalkers)

Drawing inspiration from Darkstalkers' Q-Bee, our character features a faux abdomen reminiscent of a killer bee. Create the abdomen using a round-shaped piece made from foam or lightweight plastic, attached to a skin-tight bodysuit. Paint it in bright yellow and dark purple colors, and you'll capture the essence of Q-Bee's distinctive design. With an optional pair of wings and antennae, you'll add even more flair to the transformation into a buzzing and captivating character.

Meat's Cleaver as a Weapon (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon)

To add an extra layer of horror to our character, we incorporate Meat's gruesome cleaver. Craft a prop version of this terrifying weapon using foam or cardboard. Paint it to look like it's covered in blood and gore, and with the addition of a handle, you'll have a weapon that embodies the grisly essence of Meat's character.

Fetus of God Stage as a Setting (Darkstalkers)

Our character's setting is the eerie and surreal Fetus of God stage from Darkstalkers. Recreate this stage with a backdrop featuring otherworldly scenery made from cardboard, paint, and LED lights. Incorporate floating objects and strange symbols to capture the stage's haunting essence. Most importantly, add a big screen that will feature said Fetus in all its otherworldy-terrifying glory. With the right lighting and props, you'll transport any room into the mysterious and surreal world of Darkstalkers.

Our composite character is a unique blend of elements from various fighting games, resulting in a visually stunning and haunting creation. By combining the spiky glasses of Voldo, the sharp teeth of Baraka, the claw-like hand of Arakune, the kimono of Hisako, the "abdomen" of Q-Bee, the cleaver of Meat, and the Fetus of God stage as the setting, you'll craft a character that's sure to impress and intrigue at any Halloween or costume event. Embrace your inner fighter and celebrate Halloween in style with this one-of-a-kind cosplay creation! Trick or treat!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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