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Halloween Event Has Started in Brawlhalla

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Halloween Event Has Started in Brawlhalla
It’s the Pumpkin Season again

There are quite a few reasons to jump in the Brawlhalla fights right now. The main one is that the game is totally fun (all the time). But also, we have only around three weeks of the current Battle Pass Season remaining; the competitive Online Ranked Season 29 is active only till October 18. And in addition to this — yep, the Halloween Event is here to enjoy.

This means quite a few things. Let's start with the most important. Pumpkins are here! They are all over the place, on every stage. Okay, it’s not like they do something. But they certainly create the festive mood. On top of that, the standard bombs look like pumpkins too. Be aware of that. If someone is throwing that thing at you, it’s not because they want to treat you to a pumpkin pie.

As for more practical aspects, Brawlhalloween 2023 brings:

  • Daily login bonus — extra 250 Gold;
  • 16 Halloween-themed Legend skins in Mallhalla;
  • Diablo is ready to be your Sidekick;
  • Many other cosmetic items in the store.

The event comes with Brawlhalla Patch 8.00, which includes some practical changes to gameplay. Sticky Bombs have been promoted from an Experimental feature to the general Ranked and Friendly matches.

One new feature is specifically aimed at local tournament organizers. It’s the possibility to rename players for offline matches, so the participants’ nicknames will be visible on stream.

Blue Mammoth Games actively supports community esports events, and it feels like this support continues and gets stronger. Have you seen the schedule for October 2023? This should be an especially exciting show with all those Halloween pumpkins and (probably) skins.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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