Guilty Gear Strive Evo 2021 Online: All info and Results

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Guilty Gear Strive Evo 2021 Online: All info and Results
One of the most rapidly growing fighting games this year is at Evo, but which players will try to carry the title later this year?

Guilty Gear Strive is the latest entry in the franchise and has been enjoying a rather incredible release this year. With the winds of hype blowing hard on the title, it is no surprise that the team behind the iconic Evo Championship has decided to bring the game to its main stage for 2021, which given the state of travel at the time, regionals are being conducted in an online format.

Evo 2021 Online Guilty Gear Strive LATAM Top 8

Two Mexican players made their way to the Top 8 on the winner's side: Kaneki and mike_Saftig. The two will meet in the first round of play. On the other winners' will be Chilean player Younghou facing off against Brazilian Trema.

On the lower end of the bracket, another Chilean, Pochoclo23, took a win to get into the top 8. The commentator was happily surprised to see himself in the bracket and will give it all for Chile in the final stages of the competition. He will be fighting to continue against the other Chilean in the lower bracket Vermi. The final match of the lower bracket will be composed of Rigama from Mexico and TavinhoAC from Brazil.

Exlusive comments from Pochoclo23

Comments translated to English by Sebastian Quintanilla

Chilean talent in the Top 8:

Right now, we are three in total. Younghou in the winner's bracket and Vermi and myself in lowers. Sincerely it is very emotional to be in Top 8 at such a renowned event like Evo. Seeing who was in the bracket with me worried me about how far I would go, but I prepared and put in the effort to improve. I think my match versus El Vengador really showed that he is an amazing player and friend of mine with whom I've played Guilty Gear for years. I have a lot of respect for him both as a friend and as a member of the GG community.

Saturday's challenge:

Tomorrow will be a massive challenge. I first have to play someone I have never beaten in the form of Vermi. We've played quite a lot in brackets and finals. I am nervous and feel the pressure, but those are always gonna flare-up in a competition. It is tense and exhausting, but I've made it this far, so I will keep doing my best and get as far as I can for myself and my country.

Likely candidates to win:

I think Younghou, Trema, and Vermi are favorites, or at least the ones I think about. They are great players not just in Guilty Gear but other fighting games as well. Obviously, my preferred outcome is for a Chilean to take the win so that I will be cheering on my fellow countrymen tomorrow in the finals!

Evo 2021 Online Guilty Gear Strive Europe Top 8

Tomorrow's challenge for a win on the upper side of the bracket will be the German player KenDeep with his great I-No play versus the popular Swedish player Leffen rocking the Zanuff. While on the other winner's match, Spaniard Uriel_Legion will be facing off against the Kurokich from Russia.

On the lower side, Londoner Barrybones will be facing against Armix27. While the other match will see A french player under the name of "#BringBaikenBack" will have to beat a fellow Frenchman in Alioune.

Evo 2021 Online Guilty Gear Strive Asia Top 8

Asia had their opening matches all the way up to the top 8 on Friday. Playing for the win this year is South Korean former Street Fighter 5 player Lee "Xyzzy" Han-by meeting the sole Hong Koner in the bracket Yuki in round one. The other winner's match is between South Korean Daru_I-No and Japanese T Y.

On the lower bracket, Kei "BNBBN" Komada, a Japanese fighter mostly known for his performance in Dragon Ball Fighter Z, will meet fellow Japanese player Samitto. While on the other side Naoto and Kazunoko, fellow Japanese players, will also try their best to continue their lower brackets run.

Evo 2021 Online Guilty Gear Strive North America Top 8

North America is certainly one of the more exciting Evo regions for Guilty Gear Strive, with many well-known names in the community fighting it out in the first major entry for the title. On the winner's side, it was Tempest over Sonifox at the tail end of the day to keep the lossless run going. The new yorker will face Jonathan Tene. If the first match will be a classic east coast versus west coast, the second match of the upper bracket would be a north versus south extravaganza with Macho from Chicago taking on Floridian Hotashi.

Over in lowers, Beastcoast's very own Lord Knight from New Jersey will be having to fight Supermoon from California. Closing out then the top 8 is a crucial game for both players involved. SonicFox originally joked about DQing out of the event on one side, but the hype got to them. On the Other DEB, the sole Canadian warrior remaining.

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