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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Has A Post-Beta Update

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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Has A Post-Beta Update
Wallpaper Abyss
It is right before the game release

Before the early access to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising starts tomorrow, game developers made a huge lists of changes after the second beta test. You can read it on the official website or below in this article.

Battle System

New Feature: Added playable characters Grimnir and Nier

New Feature:Added random select character Lunalu

         - When Lunalu is selected, the game assigns the player a random character at the start of every match. Battle records will display Lunalu as the selected character for such matches.

New Feature:System voice (used for the in-game announcer, etc.) can now be swapped out

         - Purchase of the System Voice Set DLC required.

Adjustment: Executing a Raging Strike now triggers a unique voice line

Adjustment: Executing a Brave Counter against a Raging Strike now triggers a unique voice line

Adjustment:Buttons for “throw” and “dash” can now be unassigned through the Button Configuration menu

         - Fixes an issue that caused “throw” and “dash” to be assigned to random buttons when attempting to assign a new command to the M+H input.

Adjustment: Implemented several balance changes.

Training Mode

New Feature: Added frame information to the Display menu

New Feature:Added quick command list to the Display menu

New Feature: All characters now come with a Character Explanation

         - Contains a simple breakdown of the character’s traits as well as strategic tips, such as the effective range of moves. Perfect for beginners looking to learn a new character.

New Feature:All characters now come with Basic Combos

         - Allows players to review and practice a character’s basic, anti-air, and practical combos. Contains information on each combo’s utility in different situations, making it a helpful feature for new and intermediate players alike. Also includes a tracker that records combo completion rate.

New Feature:Added Character Strategy to Situational Training

         - Only the section on Gran is available in the Free Edition.

New Feature: Added Match-Up Training to Situational Training

         - Only the section on Gran is available in the Free Edition.

Online Lobby

New Feature:Added fast travel

         - Accessed through the Map button.

New Feature:Added standby stations

         - Access the green stations in the lobby to go on standby for a casual or ranked match.

New Feature: Added Grand Bruise! sign-up booth

         - Sign up for Grand Bruise! tourneys in the lobby.

New Feature:Added new mini-game, Crane Game

         - Purchase plays with rupies. Prizes comprise of a variety of in-game items, including profile cards and figures.

New Feature:Added board displaying Consecutive Win Rankings

New Feature:Added spectate feature

         - Search players currently fighting and spectate the match.

         - As of now, spectators must stay until the match is over before they can leave. Spectators can only leave ongoing matches if it is a Room Match. We plan to include a patch in the Ver 1.1 update that allows spectators to leave any match at any time.

Adjustment:Players can now interact with arcade machines in the lobby by using the OK button

Adjustment:When an opponent sits down at a station, it now triggers a sound effect and controller vibration

Adjustment: Lowered sound effect volume for avatar actions

         - Currently looking into other adjustments, such as an option that will allow players to turn off sound effects for all avatars but their own.

Adjustment:Soccer balls no longer get stuck behind the goal posts as easily

Adjustment:Fixed an issue that caused FPS to drop on the Character Select screen

Adjustment:Other minor bug fixes

Grand Bruise!

• New Feature:Added the game modes “Golem Defense Force” and “Beam Bouncers,” as well as two new courses to “Rising Royale”

• New Feature:Added new items that can be used during Grand Bruise! matches

• New Feature:Added Legend Level rewards

         - Players can participate in Grand Bruise! tourneys to gain experience points towards their Legend Level. Reach set Legend Levels to earn rewards.

         - Legend Levels are capped in the Free Edition.

• New Feature:Added referee voices

         - Referee voices can be swapped out with the System Voice Set DLC

• Adjustment:Raised the volume of the music that plays during Grand Bruise! tourneys

• Adjustment:Made it easier for tourneys to begin with larger groups

Features That Will Become Available Upon Official Release 

• Arcade Mode

Square off against the CPU in a series of battles to reach the ending.

Clearing set conditions will unlock Lucilius as a boss. Defeat him to earn special in-game art.

• Versus Mode

Battle either the CPU or a second player in matches with customizable rule sets.

• Story Mode

Play through the GBVSR original story. The early chapters also double as a simple game tutorial, so it’s a perfect place for new players to start. Clear certain chapters to unlock rewards, such as music and lobby avatars.

Completion progress can be transferred over from Granblue Fantasy: Versus save data. Parts 1 and 2 are always skippable, even without previous save data.

         - In the Free Edition, only part 1 is available and save data cannot be transferred.

• Replays

Watch replays of online matches, either to observe more experienced players or look back on personal progress. Players can also review their search history and pause, rewind, or fast-forward footage.

• Journal

Browse through art and music, or review logs on characters, weapons, and terminology.

Most entries are unlocked once players encounter them in-game, but a select few are purchased with rupies. 

• Figure Studio

Pose 3D character models in front of a variety of backgrounds to make original dioramas.

Figures are obtained in the Rupie Shop or through the Crane Game.

         - In the Free Edition, only figures unlocked by default will be available for use, and new figures cannot be purchased in the Rupie Shop. Any figures obtained through the Crane Game cannot be selected in the studio.

• Ranked Matches

Face off against players from around the world in online matches. Match results will be recorded, and Versus Rank will be affected.

• Room Matches

Create a room with a custom rule set. Players must be invited to enter.

         - Not available in the Free Edition.

• Rankings

View rankings for players from around the world.

• Player Info

Review battle records or edit your profile card. Profile card are saved separately for each character.

         - Only default badges are available in the Free Edition.

• Match History

View the last 100 matches you’ve played.

• Partners

Select a partner to guide and encourage you through the game. Unlocked partners are also automatically available as lobby avatars.

         - Only Gran, Lyria, and Vyrn are available as partners in the Free Edition.

• Lobby Avatars

Choose an avatar to control in online lobbies and Grand Bruise! tourneys.

         - Only Gran (Casual Wear) is available in the Free Edition.

• Illustrations

Swap out the character art that displays during matches and on the Character Select screen.

• Character Level

Participate in matches to gain experience points towards character levels. Experience can be gained through the Arcade Mode, online matches, and room matches, and the amount gained will differ based on the type of match and match results.

Reach set character levels to earn rewards.

         - Character levels are capped in the Free Edition.

• Follow List

View players you’re following.

• Recently Played

View opponents you’ve recently played online.

• Block List

View players you’ve blocked.

• Rupie Shop

Make purchases using rupies, the in-game currency. In addition to content that is also available as level rewards, such as character colors and weapon skins, there are also plenty of Rupie Shop exclusives, including character art and figures.

• Draw Ticket

Exchange this ticket to obtain Weapon Cutouts you can equip on your avatar. Tickets can be purchased at the Rupie Shop or earned through level rewards.

• Options

Access important features, such as System Settings and Save Data Transfer.

Certain pieces of content, such as select tournament trophies, EX colors, and Battle Pass rewards (weapon skins / character colors) can be transferred over from Granblue Fantasy: Versus save data.

         - Save data cannot be transferred between PlayStation®/Steam versions.

• Daily Challenge

Complete challenge goals to earn rupies. There are different goals for different game modes (such as Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, and online matches), and challenges reset every day at midnight.

         - Weekly Challenges are also planned for a future update.

All Characters

• Raging Strike

When Raging Strike is used twice in the same combo, the second Raging Strike now results in a shorter knockback. The shorter knockback prevents the use of a short-range standing heavy attack after the second Raging Strike—meaning the combo can now only be followed up by a Raging Chain. It will no longer be possible for players to land a long series of alternating short-range standing heavy attacks and Raging Strikes, as during the beta test.

Finally, implemented fixes to reduce instances of input buffering accidentally activating Raging Strike when the SBA gauge is at 25% or below.

• Light Dash Attack

Decreased damage from 1000 to 600.

• Brave Counter

Slightly extended the buffer window for Brave Counters against a Raging Strike.

It will now be easier for players to execute a Brave Counter after the foe has inflicted guard crush on them with a Raging Strike.

• Plus Skills

Adjusted cooldown times for all Plus Skills.

• Aerial Throws

Throw breaks can now only be performed by pressing the throw button.

• Other

Following the beta test, we implemented many character-specific balance adjustments and bug fixes. Below are just the major changes.


Tempest Blade (SBA) / Eternal Edge (SSBA)

Increased the duration of the initial attack and decreased the duration of the second attack. It is now easier to land both hits at a distance and activate Eternal Edge at a longer range.


Soul Forge

Shortened recovery time.

All normal attacks now cancel into Soul Forge. (Excludes sweep attacks)


Empty Hand (U)

Seox now becomes invincible after the leap. Since it is no longer invincible on start-up, Empty Hand will now fill the SBA gauge on hit or block if it was not canceled into.


Over the Fence (U)

Eliminated recovery time upon landing after the leap.

Anila now travels farther and tracks the foe’s location.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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