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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising 1.21 Patch Notes Feb 19th

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising 1.21 Patch Notes Feb 19th
Images courtesy of GBFVR
Introducing a new playable character and a whole lot of balance changes!

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Today introduces a new DLC character, 2B. There is also be a slew of balance changes for many characters in the roster that you can review below.


Battles and Online Matches

  • Reduced input delay in the PS5 version.
  • Added Oceania as a selectable server in online Ranked and Casual Matches.
    • Network Region can also be changed in System Settings.
  • Added a network quality indicator (RTT) to the pop-up confirmation prior to Ranked and Casual Matches.
    • (Due to the nature of rollback netcode, a basic antenna icon like the one used in the previous title, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, does not relay enough information regarding network quality, so we have opted to display the RTT millisecond value instead.)
  • Added weekly challenges. Earn rupies by completing weekly updated challenges.
  • Added the option to see all currently available challenges.
  • Adjusted online matches so that the player's voice language setting will also be reflected for the opponent character.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's Top Versus Rank would not affect DLC characters' starting Versus Rank.
    • (Starting with Version 1.21, all new DLC characters will start two ranks below your Top Versus Rank as originally intended.)
  • Fixed an issue where if an opponent is using Lunalu in an online match, their character level would display as 0.
  • Fixed an issue where if the player had crossplay turned off in System Settings and had Casual and Ranked Match entry settings set to Same Platform, the settings would not be reflected and matchmaking would continue to match with players on other platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where inputting certain keys on a keyboard on certain stages would cause an application error.


  • Fixed an issue where using certain skills during chapter 79 of Story Mode would cause the battle to progress abnormally.

Online Lobby

  • Added the option to equip Weapon Cutouts in the online lobby.
    • Weapon Cutouts can be changed from the Customize Avatar menu.
  • A cutout of 2B has been added to the lobby.


  • Fixed an issue with character card design Avatar Belial 3.


  • Adjusted and added new playback conditions for certain Partner voices.

Avatar Select Screen

  • Added the option to see the number of obtained and unobtained Weapon Cutouts on the Weapon Cutouts selection screen.

Draw Tickets

  • New Weapon Cutouts have been added.


  • Fixed an issue where looking at your profile from the Match History screen would cause the game to freeze or the application to lose focus.
  • Fixed a display issue with item names in the Gift Crate.
  • Added trophy names for the following languages on the PS5 version: Portuguese (Brazil), English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Latin America), and French (Canada).
  • Fixed text bugs.
  • Applied minor bug fixes.

Battle and Character Adjustments

For the full list of balance changes, visit the official patch notes linked here.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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