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Exploring the World of Social Casinos

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Exploring the World of Social Casinos
Learn more about this fascinating space

Social casinos are very similar to regular online casinos. A player opens a mobile application or website and plays traditional casino games: roulette, slot machines, poker, 777 slot machine. In a social casino you can connect and play with groups of friends. Social networks often offer this type of casino for entertainment. 

The main difference between a social casino and a regular online casino is that you are not gambling. In a social casino, you can't bet money, or withdraw your winnings. It does not provide earnings and is only for entertainment, similar to a video game. 

Like a regular casino, a social casino can be run by different institutions. In some cases, they are independent companies associated with video games. Other social casinos are made by gambling operators as a showroom of their range of games. 

Many people prefer social casinos that are operated by real casinos. The thing is that in their social casinos, the operator advertises themselves and offers analogs of their real money games. If the social casino is independent, there is a chance of coming across fake games. 

How much does it cost?

Social casinos can be downloaded and played for free. Revenue these casinos often generate from in-game purchases. To bet at a social casino, players need to use virtual coins. The coin limit is replenished daily or hourly, so players can "donate" and buy coins without waiting. 

But even these costs do not equate social casinos with regular casinos. After all, by investing money, you are simply extending the time you play. Donations do not affect the chances of winning, and real money can only be used inside the game. 

Even so, there are free alternatives. For example, most social casinos allow you to request coins from friends or receive them for performing other actions. For example, coins are given for inviting friends or watching video ads.

Some may wonder why social casinos allow you to play for free. The goal of social casinos is to get as many people as possible to play their games. Players come back to play and bring in their friends for rewards. 

Playing with friends is more fun

Besides the opportunity to get coins for referring friends, there are other reasons to play at social casinos with friends. For example, chatting while you play or sharing a virtual poker table can really keep you entertained.

Some social casinos also offer special events where you can play and compete with your friends. For example, after a card tournament, the casino displays a ranking table with the results and a winner is determined. Many users in a social casino can exchange gifts in the form of coins. Therefore, social casino is also a platform for meeting virtual friends.  

Social casino can be of different types:

  • based on movies, computer games, comics, cartoons, books and other famous works;

  • in the classic style on the fruit theme;

  • made in the style of ancient Egypt or Aztec civilization;

  • different types of poker;

  • several types of Blackjack;

  • varieties of roulette: American, French, no-zero;

  • baccarat;

  • various lotteries;

  • unique games with non-standard and revolutionary rules;

Additional opportunities to win offer special features: freespins, bonuses, mini-games, auxiliary rounds, risk games, etc. 

Social Casino vs Casino

We propose to compare social and online casinos and find out their advantages and disadvantages. 

Social Casino

  • Not gambling

  • Legal in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited

  • Available to people who don't gamble for moral, religious or other personal reasons

  • No monetary risk

  • Large variety of games

  • You can play where and when you want through apps

  • A good way to sharpen your skills


  • Real gambling

  • Illegal in some jurisdictions

  • Moral implications

  • You can lose a lot of money

  • Limited corpus of games

The biggest difference between online casinos and social casinos is that online casinos use real gambling, while social casinos do not. 

The social casino has a large number of interesting features. They offer customizable avatars, storylines in games, tournaments, and frequent new games. The player may even be asked to complete interesting tasks, for example - build their own Vegas style casino city.

There is no gambling in social casinos, but there are still risks. These casinos can be equated to a mobile or video game. Any video game can get you hooked and addictive for a long time, even without the use of money. 

Once the player has honed their skills, they will probably want to move on to real money games. This urge should also be avoided by controlling yourself. 

Social casinos are free, but many players invest in them. Social casinos generate revenue based on pay-to-win or freemium models. But in return, they encourage people to pay real money for additional entertainment.

The opportunity to play for free without registration allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules and profitability of slot machines without risking your wallet. In addition, demo mode allows you to work out different strategies and choose the most suitable. 

Each gambler will find on the casino site exactly what he needs. The widest selection of slot machines - from the classics to the most modern developments. The list of slots is regularly updated with new samples of the gambling industry. Any adult user can register and start playing. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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