EVO 2022 Announcement Show Is More Than You Expect

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EVO 2022 Announcement Show Is More Than You Expect
The show will be a celebration of fighting games and EVO's return

Rick "TheHadou" Thiher, who you'll recognize as the event director behind Combo Breaker and general manager of Evo, recently revealed exciting information about the upcoming Evo Announcement Show.

Evo was always regarded as the biggest and greatest fighting game tournament. Best players from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to compete for the prestigious title of Evo champion. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, we had to miss out on Evo 2020. In 2021 Evo managed to come back, but only in an online format, it was a welcome return, but couldn't capture the same excitement of the offline events.

Now in 2022 we can a glorious return to form, so remember to tune in to twitch.tv/evo on Tuesday, March 8, at 5PM PST.

Additionally, TheHadou endorsed restreaming in a follow-up tweet, so you can enjoy the show with your community or favorite streamer.