DNF Duel 2nd Open Beta Date Revealed

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DNF Duel 2nd Open Beta Date Revealed
Boot up your Playstation this weekend to give DNF Duel a try

DNF Duel Youtube channel recently uploaded a video that showcases the game's roster and highlights Ghostblade, the latest character to be properly introduced. Most importantly, the video ends with an announcement of 2nd open beta test which will last from April 1st to 4th.

If you are interested in the game, this is your opportunity to check it out and let developers know how you feel about it or report any bugs you find. This will also be an opportunity to see how developers address the feedback to previous beta where players stated a wish for training mode and pointed out some significant balance issues.

The beta periods are:

PDT: April 1, 19:00 ~ April 4, 07:00

UTC: April 2, 02:00 ~ April 4 14:00

KST/JST: April 2, 11:00 ~ April 4 23:00

The beta is unfortunately exclusive to PS4 and PS5, so you'll need an access to either of those to participate.