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DashFight Tekken 7 Characters Guide Contest

Pasha Gorbenko
2 min

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DashFight Tekken 7 Characters Guide Contest
Create a guide, teach people how to master you favorite character and win a prize

DashFight launches Tekken 7 Characters Guide Contest. We heard that many of you are willing to create guides and are knowledgeable about Tekken. This is your time to shine! You will be able not only to publish your guide on our website, but you also have a chance to win the prize. The winner is going to be decided on August 6, 2021, with the help of like/dislike buttons on our platform. 
To participate, you need to either go to our forum thread with Tekken 7 Community Guides or visit the Characters' Roster Page. Select the character and try your best to provide the most suitable information to get more likes ;) 


  • $50 as a Steam Gift card.


July 12 - August 6


1. You can create as many Guides as you will

2. Post your guides in the dedicated Forum Thread

3. If you will select a character in the Characters Roster and follow the Community Guides tab, you can create a guide directly in the character-dedicated thread

4. Your guide can cover the character of a choice overall, or it can be more focused. You may try to cover some of the following topics to get more likes: 

  • Combo guide
  • Game plan guide
  • Match Up guide
  • Mechanics guide: e.g. reversal guide/wall carry guide/breakaway guide/micro movement guide

Keep in mind that the more concise and to-the-point your guide is, the more it is likely for it to be read and upvoted.

5. Indicate the subject and purpose of your guide in the title and opening paragraph. 

6. Feel free to illustrate your guides with appropriate images

7. Do not copy and paste others' work. Plagiarized guides will be deleted 

8. Feel free to rate and comment on the work of other users, but don’t be mean. Offensive and hostile language will result in your comment and guide being deleted

Good luck!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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