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DashFight is 2 Years Old!

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DashFight is 2 Years Old!
Let’s celebrate this anniversary together

It’s been two years since we launched DashFight. And what an exciting adventure these years are! We definitely can talk a lot about practical results — for example, scroll through articles on the platform, enjoy many videos on our YouTube channel, and remember all the tournaments that have happened in the wonderful world of fighting esports. But all of this would convey only a fraction of the emotional excitement around DashFight.

First of all, we are immensely grateful to you, guys, for being part of this journey. Nothing would be possible without you, so — thank you!

Also, working on DashFight is such a joy! Every event and player profile we add to the platform; every new game we start writing about — It’s a work alright, but also, it’s a unique celebration.

We are humbled to be part of the FGC. And we are immensely happy to bring something fresh and helpful into this wonderful community.

Please, let’s take a moment to celebrate this anniversary with us.

Achievements: In a Game & On DashFight

An anniversary is a perfect occasion to take a look at some numbers that reflect various achievements. 

(wait, who just said it’s boring?We are DashFight! We do stuff the FGC way! Let’s bring a bit of the gaming spirit into the stats. This is what two years of our platform look like in comparison to the achievements of game personalities.

Heihachi Mishima / DashFight

Heihachi Mishima and the evil Mishima Zaibatsu company have records of over 100 fighters who have appeared in the Tekken series at one point or the other. Meanwhile, at DashFight we have collected 118,070 player profiles so far and are adding to them every day.

Mario / DashFight

Last year in the First World Count Challenge for #SupeMarioBros35, Mario defeated (or killed, depending on how you look at things) a total of 5,363,696 Bowsers. Over at DashFight, we're a lot nicer and today celebrate three million readers from all over the world in two years.

Ryu / DashFight

There are about 93,500 news articles written about Ryu in media over the last 35 years or so. We have been just as productive at DashFight and have over 1600 unique editorial articles about all things FGC.

Raiden / DashFight

While Raiden has featured in 10 Mortal Kombat games, we at DashFight have featured in 3320 fighting game events over the last year, covering all your favorite tournaments and events.

What Do You Fight For?

The fighting games community is amazing. We are all so different, but we are all united by one passion.

Fighting games are a kind of universal language. Just enter a match and start interacting with another human being on the level of hits, blocks, combos, dodges, and everything you want to add to your playstyle. The fights unite people!

For some players, the fights are rather something more than entertainment.






Kawaii Face Miles


DashFight is…

The fighting genre is a peculiar phenomenon. It was formed at the dawn of the video games era, and it’s been enriching the lives of so many players since then. 

DashFight joined the party relatively recently. Our platform is a practical tool for everyone in the FGC — you might already know what DashFight has to offer. Just explore around if you don’t.

But is DashFight only a tool? Let’s check out some opinions!

Yep, these two years were absolutely fantastic. Many more to come!

Did we thank you for … you know, just being you? (It was in the beginning, but the thing is worth repeating again and again)

Guys, thank you so much for being with DashFight! We love you and hope to see you many more times — on the platform, at the events, and in the fights.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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