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Capcom Compares PC Mods to Cheats

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Capcom Compares PC Mods to Cheats
In a techical sense, the two are indistinguishable from each other.

Capcom has recently published a video on their Research and Development channel, which delivers some advice about anti-piracy and anti-cheating measures for in-house production when it comes to PC games.

The video covers major points like the company structure and how tamper resistance of PCs compares to consoles, but the most interesting point comes around half-way through, when they cover the topic of mods.

They note that when it comes to mods, they are basically indistinguishable from cheats, and in a technical sense, it's certainly reasonable. Both mods and cheats inject themselves into the game in one way or another, but their purpose is very different in 99.9% of the cases.

Capcom even points out that it's all fine as long as there is an official support for mods, and some mods might even have a positive impact on the game. And yet, even with that distinction, they have some worries about the possible downsides of people using mods. Among them, the biggest worry seems to be about the development process.

If someone is using mods on their machine and then contacts support about any potential issues, it takes up the support's time, doesn't lead to any solution, as it's not a problem with the game, and can even harm the development of the game and experience of other users.

Weirdly enough, they are also concerned about the reputation damages that mods could bring. According to Capcom, dissemination of mods that go against public morals or can be otherwise considered offensive, can cause damages to the company. Even being confused for official content carries some risk, as was the case with Harada calling out a shockingly good Elden Ring mod for Tekken 7, which had some people contacting support about how to get such "DLC".

Their record so far leaves little room for concern about Capcom allowing mods in their future titles, but it's still slightly concerning that what we find to be a fun way to spruce up the game, Capcom and other companies might see as a threat to their product or even company in general.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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