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ARC World Tour 2022 Finals: Recap

Sebastian Quintanilla
11 min

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ARC World Tour 2022 Finals: Recap
A striking performance by all players to secure a chunk of the $100k

A wonderfully electric final for the Arc World Tour 2022 season which included an outstanding number of upsets and one well-deserved win. Whether you watched it live and want to relive those moments or are just looking to see the scoreline at the of the event, here is your recap of the Arc World tour 2022 Finals.

Winner Quarter-Finals

Skyll vs GOBOU

After a quick stock to open the match in favor of GOBOU, Skyll pulled it back and was rewarded for his patience, getting the first game off the hands of GOBOU. Skyll took the first stock, but a great reversal in the second round meant yet another 1-1 situation which fell in GOBOU's favor to bring the series itself to a tie. Breaking it would be Skyll after two impressive corners and one perfect round to set up the match point. 

Feeling the pressure, GOBOU moved over to Zato but saw no improvement as Skyll scored his second perfect round. Even as Skyll looked poised to win the matchpoint, GOBOU clawed his way back with Zato and brought the series to another tie 2-2, and a final game. Continuing the momentum, GOBOU made his way to set matchpoint, only for Skyll to bring it to the final round. GOBOU ended up in the corner and even as he showed signs of fighting, he was defeated by the Frenchman.


From the very first second, NBNHMR's Nago was brutally aggressive, getting a round win in less than 30 seconds and although round 2 was noticeably longer, a well-timed counterattack gave way for a 1-0 lead. The second match showcased the need for MOCCHI to quickly adapt, as the NBNHMR once again took two rounds and cleanly advanced his position to matchpoint. Game 3 kicked off with MOCCHI showing signs of a fighting spirit as he won the first round and cornered the American in the second round. But a patient and ready Nago made short work of Sol, bringing in a round and eventually the game for a 

T Y vs Zando

A wonderful Giovanna versus Ramlethal matchup. T Y took the opening round, and although there were sparks from Zando, the first match went the way of T Y. A Dash DP from Gio set up another round win with T Y taking almost complete control of the corner and giving Zando just enough space to punish him whenever he scaped, earning a 2-0 lead for T Y.  Coming into the matchpoint Zando was able to string together two strong rounds that closed the gap to 2-1. Although the momentum seemed to shift, in the end, T Y pulled through and secured a semi-finals spot 3-1.

UMISHO vs TempestNYC

The first round went the way of Tempest, who used Leo's mixups to great effect before UMISHO set up a great second round to tie it. Unfortunately, a close fight led to Tempest taking the first game with a brilliant overhead. As the two exchanged blows to tie the game again before Tempest showed up and perfected back-to-back to expand his lead to a 2-0. UMISHO cut that out quickly, with two brilliant rounds to make the series 2-1, although the threat of a matchpoint was still in the air.

After the initial sets, it seems UMISHO was able to adapt herself to Tempest's game plan and brought the series back in dominant fashion in under two minutes to bring the series to a mythical 2-2. Once more, neither player was ready to call it early, with Tempest taking the first round and UMISHO the second, giving way to a final round where UMISHO sat at the limit of her health and seemed to be mounting a comeback only to lose out in the end.

Losers Round 1


GOBOU started out with Zato and MOCCHI on his signature Sol, Round one went the way of MOCCHI, and he kept the pressure up for the second Round taking a quick lead. MOCCHI did not let up for the second set, pushing GOBOU to the corner twice, but he would be able to seize the momentum on his side to tie the series and later create a lead by going up 2-1.  On the brink, MOCCHI readjusted his gameplan and after a string of great combos, he was able to turn it around to win 3-2.

Zando vs UMISHO

First round when the way of UMISHO, and although Zando would reply back with a perfect round on his side, the Happy Chaos expert took the fight to the corner and secured the first set. Coming into the second game Zando was able to tie the series on the back of two excellent rounds. UMISHO did a great job with her stagger pressure on the corner for the start of game 3, taking the first round, but Zando pulled it back to win and bring the series to a 2-1 in his favor.

UMISHO took the next game admirably, taking the first and second rounds, tieing the series, and taking the momentum for her side. The two exchanged rounds for the final game, leading to a final-round situation. Although UMISHO looked poised to take it, she would fall to a just strong enough burst that allowed Zando to advance and eliminated UMISHO.

Winner Semi-Finals

Skyll vs NBNHMR

Coming from a 3-0 victory against a top Sol player, NBNHMR was feeling ready and came rocking, winning games 1 and 2 versus Skyll. Although Skyll was able to put up a round in each, things looked like a repeat against MOCCHI. Yet, Skyll pulled himself together and fought his back in games 3 and 4 to force the always stressful game 5. There Skyll came close to losing, as round 1 went to NBNHMR, but the Frenchman stabilized and picked up back-to-back rounds to win it.

T Y vs TempestNYC

T Y decided to rely on his Chipp for the fight against Tempest's Leo. The change was not immediately rewarded as Tempest took the first round, but winning the game was T Y with the back-to-back rounds and pushing for more with a win in the second game. By the third, it was clear that Tempest was struggling to reset his game and challenge for even a round allowing T Y to pave his way to the Winner Finals.

Losers Quarter-Finals

NBNHMR vs Zando

The opening round would go the way of NBNHMR, but Zando had shown the ability to go toe to toe and tied up and eventually win the first game. Undeterred by the loss, NBNHMR closed down two quick games to bring him to the lead in a 2-1 series with even more pressure to come to put the final slice on a wonderful 3-1 victory.

TempestNYC vs MOCCHI

Both players put up a round a piece for the opening game, but it would be MOCCHI taking the advantage and picking up the 1-0 lead. Not one to lose so easily, Tempest made sure to pick up game two and tie the series for game 3. There MOCCHI was able to win the first round on the very last hit of his combo, but Tempest took a huge risk in the second round to tie it up before MOCCHI ran a perfect round over him to give him the game advantage once again.

Like the second game, Tempest looked to pressure MOCCHI and did put up a point in the round, but MOCCHI was ready and took back-to-back rounds and pushed himself further in the lower bracket by way of a wonderfully close 3-1 series.

Winner Finals

Skyll vs T Y

A massively important set. Winning here secures a second-place finish but, more importantly, a chance to fight back in case of a Grand Finals reset. The opening game was Skyll and T Y exchange rounds, with the winner coming down to a mid-screen scramble that gave Skyll the win. In the second game, T Y would be able to string together enough of a challenge to take it and the following game to bring it to a 3-1 scoreline.

Jumping on game 4, T Y seemed consistently able to punish Skyll, as he took the first round in dominant fashion with his Giovanna and followed that up again to secure a grand finals spot on the winner's side.

Losers Semi-Finals


A rematch of the first round. Expectations were mixed coming into the match as MOCCHI had lost 3-0 to NBNHMR at the start of the day, but there is no denying that he put those worries to sleep in the opening game of the series. Although NBNHMR would get a couple of glancing blows into the Japanese Sol master, he would eventually give up the second game as well, leading to a game-point situation in favor of MOCCHI. A chance he would take and give the honors of a 3-0 back NBNHMR and knocking out the Nago for good.

Losers Finals

Skyll vs MOCCHI

Although a tech issue would cut the first game midway through, the action eventually continued, with MOCCHI showing unparalleled dominance in the mirror match to win the first two games of the series. Ready for this. However, Skyll pushed forward and earned himself a clean game three victory to attempt a momentum build-up, but MOCCHI made sure to keep himself safe in the corner and then reply back to take the series 3-1.

Grand Finals


Although things looked dire for Japan at the very beginning of the night, losing two matches to European and American talent, in the end, MOCCHI and T Y both sat on the Grand Finals stage, ready to take it all the way. MOCCHI lost the first round of the opening game but then came back to win back-to-back rounds, and that would not be the end of the MOCCHI's pressure as he continued on to game 2, earning a perfect round on his way to a 2-0 lead. On the cusp of a Grand Finals reset, T Y made a solid effort to earn himself a game and push MOCCHI to a game 4. There MOCCHI was able to read through T Y's strategy and force the grand Finals reset. 

After a short break for the players, T Y looked like he had internalized the previous set, coming strong into the opening round and game. MOCCHI, however, did not let up and went on to conquer the stage in the second and third games earning a perfect round on his way to game number 4 once again. Although T Y looked ready to bring the heat and force game 5, MOCCHI pierced T Y's gameplan and became the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals Champion.

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