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The Fresh Prince is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor from Chestermere, Alberta, Canada. Their main in SSBU is Banjo & Kazooie. 

The Fresh Prince's career in competitive Smash began at SMSH 304 in 2019 (SSBU). They since played Ultimate, taking part in such notable events as: 

• 2019: Smash Bash Prize Weeklies #4, VORTEX

• 2020: Smash at The Comic Strip: Punching Up (17th place), Salt Flats 2020, Zain Weekly #4: Sasquatch Zucchini's Scrumptious Dub (5th place), Collision Online, SUPER SMASHING COVID to Support Child Health, Zain Weekly #23: Sino? (the 1st place), Canakrn's Treehouse Tournament #1, Quit Your Friendlies #2 - an SFU Biweekly (the 3rd place), Leroy's Funhouse 2: Silver's Birthday Edition (the 3rd place), 

• 2021: Quit Your Friendlies #3 - an SFU Biweekly (the 1st place), Canakrn's Tournament #2, Ultimate @ Xanadu Online 390, Salt Flats 2021 Presented by Telus (9th in singles), Ultimate @ Xanadu Online 401, Canakup 2021, Peaks and Valleys, and others.