• Zhuo Jun Zeng
  • China

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Birthday : Apr 26, 1989 (33)
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Zhuo "Xiaohai" Jun Zeng (小凱) is a fighting games player from China who represents Qanba Douyu. He competes in Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and The King of Fighters XIV.

Although xiaohai is better known for The King of Fighters and even won the kof event at EVO 2014, he has shown his sfv mettle at various arenas and is hailed as a top player in Street Fighter V. Cammy and Karin are the main xiaohai sfv character.

Xiaohai won the first ESL Brooklyn Beatdown 2016, claiming part of the $75,000 prize pool. He went on to place 2nd at Canada Cup 2018 and won $3000 after losing to Tokido.

Xiaohai has also ranked 2nd at CEO 2018, 17th at EVO 2018, 5th-6th at PPL Fighter Masters 2019, 17th at Taipei Major 2019, raking in winnings of approximately $101, 340.