Beware of Chair

  • Sam Jones
  • Australia

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Sam "Beware of Chair" Jones is a Brawlhalla competitive player from Victoria, Australia, who is known for competing in the Australia - Bawlhalla World Championship 2021 tournament and ranked 7th place in the doubles event.

Beware of Chair has also achieved some notable results at various tournaments, including multiple top 32 placings at the Australian Championship 1v1 and 2v2 events such as Xalty's 2v2 Dusk Rivalry Cup (5th place), Australia - Autumn Championship 2021 2v2 (5th place), Australia - Summer Championship 2021 2v2 (5th place), Australia - Winter Championship 2021 (13th place), and ACS 2's Series Event #1 2v2 (5th place).