Check out What NBA Stars Might Look Like as Street Fighter Characters

Sebastian Quintanilla
Oct 28 20201 min
The r/NBA subreddit as always been known to get a bit weird in the offseason of the sport.

Reddit user u/nurkin recently made a post on the r/NBA subreddit, a well-known space for fans of the sport. Given that the NBA season recently came to a close, the subreddit began dipping its toes in the old art of off-season-posting. For those unfamiliar with this ritual. With no games happening users in the subreddit slowly go crazy with the draught of news and thus begin to well, lets say they get very creative.

Of course, if this heightened creativity gives us this amazing art, who can complain?! So go ahead and check out u/nurkin's amazing art and be on the lookout for what surely will be a great part 2.


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