Biggest Tekken 7 Tournaments Ever Hosted

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Biggest Tekken 7 Tournaments Ever Hosted
Biggest events of the biggest game

Tekken is a worldwide popular fighting game series with deep roots in the esports industry. Competitions between cyber athletes have been organized in games of this franchise for many years. Events gather not only crowds of professional players but also hundreds of fans.

These days, games in the Fighting genre are slightly inferior in popularity to shooters and other projects. But they still have their army of fans. Due to this, prominent eSports tournaments are organized annually, where professional players demonstrate all their skills.

Today we will talk about the most famous Tekken 7 tournaments, which gathered the most players and fans. We will also tell you about the game's features, plot, etc.

Plot of Tekken 7

Although in games of the Fighting genre, the usual plot does not have much importance, in Tekken 7, it is present. Here, the story is told from the perspective of an unknown journalist who covers the events of the war unleashed by Jin. From the journalist's stories, you can find out how Heihachi justifies his cruel deeds and other exciting details.

The storyline in the game is built around Heihachi, and the rest of the characters in the gameplay play a secondary role.

The cinematic presentation of the plot in the game should be better implemented. These are statistical sketches on the screen, against which the journalist says something in the background. Some scenes are generally borrowed from old consoles without improvements and changes.

Tekken 7 Tournaments

Players choose Tekken 7 not because of the story. Cybersportsmen select one of the characters and fight with their opponents. Well-timed attacks, dodges, and special moves guarantee the achievement of the goal.

Tekken 7 hosts many amateur and professional tournaments. The game has a large audience. Tekken 7 is difficult to compete with the giants of the eSports industry, but it occupies its niche in the market quite confidently.

Consider the top three most famous Tekken 7 tournaments.

Red Bull Kumite 2021 – Las Vegas

  • Date – 11/14/21

  • Prize fund – 15 thousand dollars

  • Series – Red Bull Kumite

  • Conducting mode – offline

  • Tournament organizer – Red Bull

  • Venue – United States, Caesars Palace

Red Bull Kumite are fighting tournaments that take place every year. In 2021, the game returned after a short break. Competitions have been held since 2015. They are mainly hosted by large cities – Paris, London, etc.

The 2021 tournament took place in Las Vegas. Players and spectators had an excellent opportunity to enjoy their favorite video games and play in the casino. For those who did not want to leave their room in the evenings, gambling was available online from Live games at

Combo Breaker 2022 Tekken 7

  • Date – 05/27/22 – 05/29/22

  • Prize fund – $10,580

  • Series – Combo Breaker

  • Conducting mode – offline

  • Tournament organizer – Gaming Generations, The Hadou

  • Venue – USA, Schaumburg Convention Center

The tournament has become an excellent indicator that it is not the Koreans and not the Americans who rule the show in the fighting genre games. Pakistani player Arslan Ash became the winner. He first entered the esports scene in 2018, and since that moment, he has managed to win two major titles at once – Evo and Evo Japan. According to the results of all games held within the framework of the tournament, Arslan Ash did not lose a single battle with opponents.

Evo 2022 Tekken

  • Date – 08/06/22 – 08/08/22

  • Prize pool – $17,180

  • Series – Evo 2022

  • Conducting mode – offline/online

  • Tournament organizer – Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Venue – United States, Mandalay Bay

In 2022, from August 5 to 7, the annual Evolution Championship Series 2022 tournament was held in the USA, within which fighting games were held. After the break, the event returned to the offline format, but for the player's convenience, it was also broadcast online.

The Michelob ULTRA Arena was chosen at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Among the most viewed was the Tekken tournament. At some matches, online broadcasts gathered more than 250 thousand viewers.

How Tekken 7 Tournaments are Run

Esports tournaments in this discipline are divided into three stages. The first stage is considered qualifying. It includes Master and Dojo tournaments. Players earn points for ranking in regional lists.

The second stage consists of several regional finals. According to the results of the competition, a list of the best players who will take part in the last, final stage is determined.

The final stage of the Tekken 7 tournaments is the main event. It is mainly held offline in one of the world's major cities. As part of the tournaments, competitions are also held in other esports areas.

Tekken 7 is a popular fighting game, and the series has had numerous sales. Therefore, it is not surprising that players are attracted to tournaments for this game. Those interested in participating in such an event should stay tuned for updates on new contests.

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