Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort

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Mon, Aug 30

Lili being the first character to introduce me to TEKKEN, the two things that drew me to using Lili is her characteristics and gameplay. I just found it interesting that someone uses gymnastics in a fighting game, backflips, cartwheels, the works. It's nice to see Lili getting some promising moments in the community, like this highlight video "BEST OF LILI (TEKKEN 7)" for example.

While I haven't come any other Lili mains (with the small exception of a friend of mine that really MAINS her)online, It's great to see people using her like LuckyEeevee, Shine LooneyLili and probably more I don't know of on YouTube and Twitch.


Aside from needing to learn to using bigger combos and learn to properly utilize her sidesteps, I do enjoy using Lili and I hope to come across more Lili mains, here, youtube, twitch, even in-game. Be sure to look at the people I mentioned/linked in this thread, those players are pretty legit and worth checking out.


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