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Wed, Sep 30

Hello, I wanna get into tekken but know who to main. A lot of characters look cool but I want to play someone who wouldn't be too hard to play since I'm pretty new to fighting games. 


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Fri, Oct 30

I hope this helps:


I recommend Dragunov(offensive), Josie(balanced but better defensively imo) and Paul(balanced)

If you later want to improve at Tekken, then I recommend you trying to use Bryan alongside your main since he forces you to play proper Tekken and youll only need to use his basic stuff(are easy to perform), his pragmatic playstyle, timing and poking mindgames will improve how youll use your main

Rank doesnt matter because it depends on your main, the process of ranking up will be easier/harder, just focus on having fun and learning/improving at the game 

Welcome to Tekken

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Tue, Oct 6

Hey, i would say "GO for the looks and personality" first. 
You need to feel associated while playing your char.
You can look up for a tier list to actually pick someone strong and then choose the one who looks better for you ;)