Noctus insane death combo!

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Mon, Oct 11

This combo starts out with Noctis using his greatsword to slam Jack-7 into the wall before shifting gears and carrying him to a different wall, but by that point the machine fighter's health is already half gone.


Part two of the combo requires very specific spacing and timing to loop Noctis' Dancing Edge attack over a dozen times to wall splat Jack over and over and continue the string further.


By the end of the final loop, Jack has already been long defeated, but Noctis can still cancel into his Rage Art for an extra shiny finishing blow though the damage meter does something interesting in that it jumps to 9,999 damage upon the last hit of the Super.


That's not the real value, however, since it shows 230 damage on the hit before, so I'm not sure if that's a reference to Final Fantasy's traditional max damage being 9,999 or if that's just part of the game itself.


Characters in Tekken 7 generally only have 170 health though, so this full combo is still way more than enough to finish anyone off.


Taking a look at the string, it's clear that this isn't a very practical combo since it needs very precise spacing and timing that's hardly ever going to be afforded to Noctis in an actual match along with the added Rage damage boost.


It's still cool to see though that this character still has a lot of juice in his potential considering he's not one of the fighters that pops up often in tournaments and the competitive space.

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