AFriendlyTree's Nina Williams Character Guide

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Mon, Jul 26


Are you interested in playing Nina in Tekken 7? Look no further!

Here is my complete character guide for Nina Williams in Tekken 7. This guide covers a vast amount of what is needed to play this character while also expanding beyond "how" to play the character and encourage you to understand the purpose behind your actions.


This 40 minute guide is broken into 9 categories as well as an introduction and a conclusion and is loaded full of valuable information that anyone can learn from.

Want more? Check the description for a wide array of additional resources for learning and using Nina in Tekken 7.


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End-Times Azrael

Fri, Aug 13

This is definitely the best Nina guide out there, and the quality of it goes above and beyond what most other character guides do.  This video actually inspired me to redownload the PC version of Tekken 7 for the hitbox and frame data mods, which has taken many nights on my poor Internet connection.  Thanks goes out to AFriendlyTree and his magnificent Nina guide.

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Tue, Jul 27

As a Nina main myself, I've learned a lot about this character from this guide & things that I've never, ever seen before that Nina was calable of. Talk about crazy! 😂 this guide is perfect for both Nina players who want to be proffesional with her and people who simply just want to try her out! 10/10 would recommend, a must watch!

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Tue, Jul 27

Learned so much from this guide. Even Tekken in general. Hope people notice it more and it wins!