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Fri, Oct 30

I liked how easy he was to use back in T5(I was a teen) but now I know how hard he is and thats appealing


He has bad frames on block so you need need to play mindgames with your opponent(finishing or not your strings, or simply disrespecting your minus frames, etc...);

He has slow recovery frames on most of his moves, so you need to learn how to place them or use that against the opponent;

He has below average sidestep so you only sidestep after his few good moves on block/hit like f3 or d2;

Learn about timing and how to place your CH moves;

His block punishment is average but is very useful in starting your offense;

I could go on, but thats just some of the reasons that makes his offense/rushdown hard and when you use them around your defense, you make the character shine


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