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Mon, Sep 28

I have read an article on Reddit where people were discussing a frame date and some real in-depth stuff
I am a Super Silver player and not sure if I am ready for it. Do I need to know the damage per hit-combo thing in order a combo and why do i need to do so, if i can just learn and practice any combo that is given to me in advance?


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Thu, Oct 8

First off who do you play?

Secondly yes frame data is important but usually not at your rank. If you wanna get better faster frame data is the way to go.


The game runs at 60 frame per second

So we use that unit of measurement. If something is 3 frames, that means it's 3/60 of a second is how fast it is.

Moves have 3 parts. Start up, active (when the move can actually make contact) and recovery.these all have numbers. The moves also put a specific amount of hitstun on your opponent that'll either leave you at advantage or disadvantage. Most common is punishing a sweep. On block sweeps are like -20 which means the person blocking has +20 frames to do something before the person even gets back to neutral.

There's also the priority rule. Throws beat anything active at the same time 

Then when two buttons are active at the same time the heavier one h>m>l.

So for example if bison does stand hk that's +3,that means I'll have 3 frames taken off of my next action. So stand hk (+3) to cr mp now becomes a 3 frame gap that crushes light buttons because cr mp is 6 frames and 6 -3 is 3. And remember because of priority even if they have a 3 frame normal, because the button I pressed was medium, it'll win.


That's how you build your pressure kinda but tbh thats too advanced for you like that. I'm just explaing why frame data is important.


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