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Sun, Jun 27

Okay, so, we know that Elite Smash is the part of Quickplay where you'll be guaranteed to match up with people who are better at this game. Some people easily get there, but others, such as myself, have a more difficult time getting there.

One of my best achievements in SSBU so far would have to be getting to Elite Smash on Thanksgiving Day in 2020. I was using a wireless Gamecube controller in order to get there. Yes, I said wireless. I was already a a decent GSP number in solo Quickplay, but I decided to go into it since the Arenas weren't much to keep me in so far. I went with Mewtwo, since he is my primary main and I'm used to him.

How was my run to Elite Smash? Very interesting. I was winning quite a lot, and was having fun with my opponents. Even made a Ganondorf rage quit, and a Lucina almost came back at me on the second match we had (the first I three stocked 'em), but I still prevailed with the victory.

But knowing Quickplay, there were some moments where I didn't get the preferred 1v1 7-minute ruleset. One Ken I fought had the ruleset at 3 minutes, so I won by timing out the match on a flat stage. I didn't feel too proud of the win.

I also fought three Little Macs in a row, and a laggy Captain Falcon. I won all those matches, and the GSP I had for Mewtwo was growing by the minute. I barely lost to a Shulk, and lost to a Mario after I failed to make it back to the stage.

Finally, after a close victory I had against ZSS, I finally saw the message that I got Mewtwo in Elite Smash. I popped off hard, and I was so excited. After almost (at the time) two years of owning this game, I made it to Elite Smash with my primary main. It was an experience I will remember forever.

Now I will never touch Quickplay again. My work here is done.

But anyways, that's my experience on how I got to Elite Smash, and how it's a good achievement of mine in the world of SSBU. What's your experience on your journey to Elite Smash? Feel free to comment, since I'm stoked to hear your side of your own story, too!


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Wed, Jul 14

Sounds like a sweat run man. My respects. I  haven't gotten to the Elite myself, but I'm working on it

I wish you luck on your goal to Elite Smash journey. Hope this good luck gives you a smooth run!

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Tue, Jul 13

Sounds like a sweat run man. My respects. I  haven't gotten to the Elite myself, but I'm working on it