Looking for a serious practice partner.

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Fri, Jul 2

I want to take my smash hobby to the competitive level. I’m going to do a lot of reviewing matches, note taking and daily practice (more repetition than amount). With that being said, I want a serious partner and maybe someone else wants one too. Heres what I want from my partner:


1. Wanting to review replays with me 

2. Able to play with me daily ( not like 4 hours every day, 20 mins would be fine)

3. Able to communicate with me ( if you don’t want to play one day or want to stop being my partner, you can tell me)

4. Able to take the game as seriously as I do 


Here’s somethings to note about me

1. I play marth, kazuya and little mac

2. I have over 1000 hours in smash but I’ve stopped improving about a year ago

3. I’m from Kansas 

4. I tend to rage a lot at quick play but when I play with people on VC I’m a lot calmer

5. I prefer VCs as it helps me from raging

6. When I start raging, I do push ups

7. I have a baby brother that I have to take care of sometimes 


If you would like a serious practice partner and think we would be good for each other, please let me know and thanks for reading.


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