Don't know how to get better

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Thu, Oct 1

I only started playing SSBU recently and the game feels anything but casual fun. I keep getting destroyed without being able to do anything. With so many characters the task of learning all the match-ups seems a bit extreme too. I wanna know if there's any way for a beginner to ease themselves into the game or I just have to grind until people stop dumping on me.


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Mon, Jun 21

Honestly, this is the hardest part about getting into the game. The skill gap can be quite large when it comes to a beginner compared to a seasoned player. The best way I can ask you to get better without ruining your love for the game is to just feel out the characters you love playing. You don't have to care about who you play or how you play, play to enjoy the game. It isn't the prettiest thing, but you're gonna go far as long as you're having fun.

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Tue, Oct 6

I would actually recommend going adventure mode or mob smash to have a little practice. Then go for a Squad Stike. You will have more time to fight and practice more fighters)