Smash As A Calming Mechanism?

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Sun, Jul 4

Okay, so this might be a bit on the odd side to talk about, but I would say Smash Bros could work as a calming mechanism in a way, depending on your mood.

True story, I was helping design a photography website for my stepmom's friend. Every website was being bad that I either couldn't sign in, or had limited options that didn't meet any standards. And one of them even made my slam my fist on my knee multiple times. I swear to god, technology makes me feel like a different person.

So after I got a template of the website up and running, I went back to Smash so I can wait another day (presumably in the fall from what they told me), and I had one of the best times of my life.

Playing for a solid two hours. And on a FIGHTING GAME, which is one of the most salt-inducing genres out there! Some things made me have a minor frustration, such as a Banjo main homie stocking me. I just hate when people do that, and I wanna take my loss with pride.

Of course, you gotta limit yourself if it gets too out of hand. But I managed to find that balance and keep cool during the sweaty competitive side of this... AMAZING, FAST, BELOVED GAME THAT I AM SO FREAKING PASSIONATE ABOUT.

Sorry, almost got out of hand.

And if the competitive side doesn't work, I always got the hundreds of music tracks this game has to offer, so there's that.

But anyway, I wanna hear what you guys think. Did you use Smash as a coping mechanism? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!


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