High Tier, Or Top Tier?

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Sun, Jun 27

Nowadays, I think Inkling has had a debate whether Inkling still remains at top tier, or has dropped down as a high tier character.

Well, I want to safely prove this theory. Inkling has been one of the meta characters since day 1 of SSBU. They didn't receive too many buffs or nerfs. They more or less stayed balanced as patches went on.

So, Inkling's advantages? For one, they're fast and mobile, and their dash animation literally makes them dash right through projectiles because they become a smaller hurtbox. Not to mention they are fast and nimble. Not too fast, but fast enough to approach and run.

And the ink mehcanic was a nice touch, too. It can leave you vulnerable when recharging, but you do have to make sure to use this wisely.

But other things? Splat Bombs are a good edgeguarding tool, ink increases damage percentage, and roller buries your opponents for an easy kill. And they have a lot of safe options in their aerials. Inkling also has a high recovery, and the roller off stage has the option for you to have a small jump, so you can make it back to the stage easily. Also, their rapid jab is one of the best in the game, no questions asked.

Then there's the disadvantages. Inkling can struggle to kill. Sure, roller is a thing, but even then, you have to time it just right in order to get a stock off of that. It can also be easily punished if you know how to work around it.

There is also the Boo-yah kill confirm (up throw to up air), but you also have to know what percent it works on, and make sure to DI the same direction as your opponent so you can catch them off-guard. Overall, if you struggle to get either of those, then you have to wait around 180-210% to get a kill off of a bair or fair, or you have to rely on edgeguarding.

Inkling's up tilt has no horizontal coverage, either, so combos would have to start with an up throw or down throw. Other than that, that's all I have for disadvantages for Inkling.

So, the final verdict is that Inkling is high tier. Fast and mobile, has great combo potential, but struggles to close out stocks. That's not to say Inkling is bad, though. Some people still stick to the character. Even I do, but as a secondary anyways.

But what do you guys think? Top tier, or high tier? Be sure to comment and tell me what you think!


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