[MK11] All the latest relevant changes to the game's balance

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Wed, Mar 24

This topic is to discuss the current state of the game's balance and characters prior to the tournament. Share what you think of MK11 atm and what you would like to see changed in the future


D.Vorah: wasps are no longer reset during the attack if Strepsiptera connects while the enemy reacts to the Swarm attack

Kano:  the first hit of Snake Bite has 1 more active frame, the second hit has 1 less startup frame

Kotal Khan:  the first hit of Yeyecame Disk Amplify now has slightly farther reach and the projectile now has 10 less frames of hit advantage

Shao Khan: health upped to 1100 from 1050

Robo Cop:

- health upped to 1100 from 105

- hit region of Getup/Flawless Block Attack (Up + Back Punch) adjusted


- Dragon Drop's off-screen frame count gains two frames before the beginning of the drop attack

- 2 more startup frames for Dragon Stance 


- Poisonous Butterfly gets airborne frames when Milleena is off the ground

- The hit reactions to Kahnum Dash Amplify, Kahnum Dash Further Amplify, & Ridin' Dirty (Front Punch, Front Punch, Front Punch + Front Kick) now have airborne frames when Mileena is off the ground

Rambo:  Lieutenant Drop gets airborne frames when Rambo is off the ground




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Mon, Mar 29

I genuinely wish they would have nerfed Joker a bit, like making jack-in-the-box more expensive to use. Joker is just too strong for corner pressuring and unless you pick Scorp you'll be kicked like a pinata. It makes matches with high-ranked players playing him very repetitive imo

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Wed, Mar 24

Seriously though, of all the changes they could do to Shao Khan - bump his health up? My man has the sloppiest mid since the beginning of the game and the slowest standing 1 like ever. It's been two years and he still sucks the same way. SHAO KHAN BUFF WHEN?

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Wed, Mar 24

Not that I understand  what Sheeva changes mean for any competitive players, but thank god they nerfed that drop. Easily, the most hated move in the game for me, let it catch you off-guard once and then - good luck recovering. I hate it so much when people just decide to spam it